(DEMO) From Greatness to Dust

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EDIT: Updated with better volume. I realized it sounded too quiet. Also, I'd appreciate it if you left a review. at least 68 people have listened to it, and not one of them had the common courtesy to tell me what they thought.

[Cinematic score of an important scene in my book. DEMO ONLY. There is more to the song, but I have truncated it to a length I'm comfortable releasing to the public right now. Lower quality due to filesize restraint (Also to prevent anyone from going off with it like it's their own)]

From Greatness to Dust. Three countries. Two at war, one neutral. Both armed to the teeth with an arsenal of nuclear warheads. Tonight they break the tension, not unlike the snapping of a rubber band, or perhaps the shattering of a glass bottle. Our protagonist, living in the comfort of the neutral nation, is relaxing at home. He turned to the news, to find the two countries have had enough with each other. Tonight is the night these two go from greatness to dust. The first flash of faint white light glares in through the window. The first rumbles of far off doom reverberate his living room. He pours himself a glass of wine, sitting lavishly in his recliner, watching the fireplace. The radio playing a soft version of his country's victory theme, barely masking the booming death beyond. Soon, they quiet, as the great beasts go through their final throes. The lights went out as the city's EMP device nulled any stray warheads inbound. A small smirk turned across his face. The war was over. The idiots are done and gone. Folded their cards and left the table. He finished the wine, got up, and looked out the window across his city with arms folded formally above his lower back. It was peaceful. It was quiet. It was dark, as if everyone had gone to watch the fireworks. The EMP knocked out the power all over town. The world had let out a sigh of relief. No more fear. No more hate. A rock of sorrow still sat in his throat, a tear formed at his eyelid. Such peace was brought on by such fear, such hate. The extermination of two peoples. It was over though, and his were still alive, to plant their flags on the glassed remains of the fallen.
"Long live the Lisovyek. Vechno Natsya Vul'pusa Svobodnya."

-The story continues on, but I'm going to cut it short here. I hope it paints such a dramatic spinetingling image in your heads as it did mine. Don't ask about the weird words at the end. Unless you understand russian, you wouln't get it. Wait for me to publish my story (if I ever do), and it'll make sense then.

Enjoy the song. Download it to listen again. Leave a review. It took a lot from me so I'd appreciate any sort of feedback. Constructive criticism welcome, I'm always up for improving my work. It was done with Edirol Orchestra in FLstudio 8.

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Good affternoon,

I found this title a few years ago, and as a fan of instrumental-cinematic music I can tell you this is one of the best I have heard here in Newgrounds because all the arrangements sound as if they were made by the likes of Two Steps from Hell and Audiomachine. I would add chorus here and there to provide a bit more of strength.

I am glad I could find you again to leave a little feedback even when you are not active anymore. Cheers.

Loved the piece and I noticed something.......

You probably don't notice it, but from 1: 58 to around 3:00, the melody that was coming from the violins almost sounded like requiem of a dream! You might not think it, but listen to it closely, then you'll see what I mean. Overall, great effort. Keep it up!


BudGPStudios responds:

Thanks for the review man.

Yeah my string spiccato section sounds a bit like that song. I had made that section of the melody a while back when I was less experienced with music theory and I had tended to borrow ideas from other songs (Not copy other songs, just use them as inspiration). That melody has stuck with my cinematic scores because I found it made them feel strong and intense.

Flawless :D

Brilliant piece of work! If there's one thing I wish I could do in life, it's putting a LOAD of instruments together and making them sound really good all in unison.

Anyway, really nice build up, particularly the violins :D The only word which can sum this song up is "epic". :D

Keep it up!!! :D 10/10 and 5/5

BudGPStudios responds:

Thanks man, I was trying for something intense. I'm glad you liked it.

There's around 16 or 17 channels, they rarely play all at the same time, but mastering a large number of instruments isn't as hard as it sounds (especially if they go good together anyways, like orchestral instruments. Electronic synths don't always play together well). Just keep the volume in check and make sure it's balanced well - Also important- make sure they are playing the right notes, because even one instrument on the wrong chord will make it sour.

Interesting but very dark (thats not a bad thing!)

4/5 very good just not me exactly although i liked it and downloaded it.
very dark, kind of creepy even
setting: modern but maybe a littl in the future?
over all i liked it the drums give it a military feeling and a kind of awaiting sense (if that even makes sense)
so far if your book is good I'd say that you have a winner here.

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Apr 19, 2011
9:48 PM EDT
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