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TBBAM: Ivan's Theme

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Author Comments

Here's the theme song for my character, Ivan Anotov in my upcoming movie: Talking Blox: Big Ass Movie. Made in about 2 hours on FL8 with edirol orchestra, drum clips, and Sytrus. I guess this would classify as Classical because it is composed of mainly orchestral instruments. It's almost like my "Vulpus Overture", metalcan's "Mother Russia" and Jomo71's "Concrete Block" had an orgy and this was the deformed child it produced. I hope you enjoy it. (Replaced with remastered version on 9/03/08 - 9:48 PM)

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I knew you had the influences from those songs, like I said in the review for the final version. Both versions are very similar, however this one has more of a modernized movie trailer sound than the other.


You have a pretty good song here. The one thing that I want to comment on is the mastering/mixing of the sounds. I understand that you use Edirol (which I also have). Which is great. But the sounds... it seems as if you left them raw and untouched. Which.. when you're keeping to only Edirol sounds, it sounds great. But you've got sounds from outside of Edirol and there is a slight disconnect in how the sounds sound. I would try using EQ to change how that Edirol sounds, and try also looking into combining sounds from more than just Edirol orchestra.
But that's just my suggestions. :P If you don't believe what I say, just go check out some of my songs. :D
Good luck anyways!

~Phyrnna ^_^

BudGPStudios responds:

Check the newer one out, this one isn't very good compared to that...


this was a well organized and melodically structured piece, but in terms of development, it didn't stand out to me as awesome as the dramatic theme made it out to be. heres some tips:

1) the bass drum sounds a little weak and out of place here. try to replace that--i thikn ur using default fl samples? i dont use fl, but nevertheless THAT'S FINE. i dont care about that--just choose something more appropriate if you can. that kick didn't sound quite right to me--something a little more organic but even stronger might have sounded better--or maybe even just try layering it more.

2) some of the instruments didn't sound very well synchronized, like the lead melody by the violin stabs--fix that lol. i mean, it some parts a more off-kilter, unstable feeling, but sometimes itjust felt messy.

3) i wish you varied velocity/volume more with your instruments to stress beats, exaggerate emotions of the track. softer parts for the more pensive parts, etc. the only variance i heard was the addition or subtraction of instruments, which doesn't strike me as enough stress on the emotions of the piece as i would like.

i liked how you combined orchestral feelings with a more industrial, technological backdrop--it was very eerie and intersting, i thought that was a great asset for the song. it got me involved with it, and i enjoyed every second of that :) specifically, the cellos roll in with a long attack and a short release--that is dramatic GOLD. haha, keep it going.
i review u, so plz look at my stuff too--its only fair :)

BudGPStudios responds:

Yes I did use the FL default kick sample, but everything else wasn't default. I'll probably just replace this one with my remix of this song. I changed the bass drum instrument and gave the mix a deeper feeling. When you read this response, It'll probably have been replaced so give it another listen. I'm going to start this song from scratch again like I always do to my songs when I'm bored. Wait for "TBBAM: Ivan's Theme Redux". I'm also surprised that someone noticed the contrabass roll in long attack with short release. I learned how to do that in FL just recently.


It's a good theme song. It is much like a catchy tune. I can hear the melody in my head right now, even though I stopped the song a few minutes ago.
In my opinion, this is what a theme song has to be like. It's almost as if I can already see your character having his appearance in the flash movie while this song plays... so, I guess you have done everything right here! Good work!

{ Review Request Club }

BudGPStudios responds:

This song gets stuck in my head alot too lol.

An Army Marches

I can't quite work out if the hero of the piece is a hero on his way to war or returning from that with his forces decimated. Possibly both, as it could be a flashback from the walking wounded to how glorious the force was when they left etc.

I think that the beat has a somewhat industrial quality about it, as if things are being made or people are hard at work in one respect or another.

I think that this is a great piece and I'd love to see what becomes of Ivan and how this tune will affect the flash that it is used with.

[Review Request Club]

BudGPStudios responds:

That is a pretty interesting way to think of the song, but the it only refers to one person as he performs his mafia duties. I get where you're coming with the flashback to when the army was better, and really why the song paints a picture of an army in your mind is because at the beginning and the end of the song it fades from/to an old record style radio filter. It gives it the empire-like feeling as if the song is their anthem and it's being broadcast around the empire and played on old, badly wired loudspeakers hung from poles. You probably get the flashback feeling after the radio filter fades away restoring the song's depth and tone, making it seem as though some transition was made. Anyways... thanks for the review.

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4.44 / 5.00

Jul 26, 2008
1:47 PM EDT
File Info
3.4 MB
2 min 59 sec

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