Death of an Ingrate

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I wrote this song 3 or 4 years ago, it was written as one of the songs I made back then about one of my ex girlfriends. I had post traumatic stress disorder for many years because of her and let me tell you, that shit is NOT to be taken lightly, it sucks HUGE ASS to have PTSD.

Anyway, this song was originally a death/black metal song and the other day I decided to turn the tabliture (TuxGuitar) I wrote for it into an electronic metal-industrial song by exporting as MIDI and doing other shit with it that I don't feel like explaining, so suck it.

I'll be re-doing this once I get a new microphone, but who knows when that will be and the part that starts after 2:02 had several possible lyrics written for it so I just lazily did one of them because I don't give a fuck right now.

Edit: I screwed with it and made a version with louder drums and a louder snare. I did quite a few things here, gave it new basslines, new bass synth, EQd the 'guitars', screwed with the levels and pans and some other shit. I also, added a part of the rapping lyrics that were written for the part at 2:02.

For those of you wearing bass boosting headphones: TAKE THEM OFF! The bass drum will piss you off if you don't. I could've fixed it right away, but I don't feel like it.


Can't hear the words

This is a great song, and I love the constant high beat background to it. My only issue with this is that I am more into lyrics of any given song when there are lyrics and the lyrics to this song seem to be scaled so low behind the music that I can't really hear them at all and the parts where I can really hear the lyrics I can't make out most of the words. I guess not being able to understand them comes with this realm of music genre, but at least scaling the mic volume up a little bit would definitely be a huge improvement.

Rahmemhotep responds:

I've been getting this a lot. I'll be fixing the song and uploading a version with louder vocals and lyrics in the description when I get around to it.


Well this certainly was bizarre sounding to me in a very good way. The beat was awesome but what is with the british voices? Or is that your band singing to this strange tune?

The synth sounds pretty intense as if you were entering a boss battle. The chorus effect was actually a nice little touch here so that was cool. The bass line was very very light but alright I think. The drums sounded spectacular and I enjoyed how they sounded here.

The voices were actually kind of gibberish to me sadly but I won't take away points for it because I am sure other listeners can understand what is going on here where I can't. The whole beat coming together sounded pretty slick and awesome so great job there.

Overall, crazy tune!!

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Rahmemhotep responds:

Heyyy, it's you again! The British people are all me, ha! It doesn't usually happen any more but my accent used to change all the time, randomly. I never knew why but sometimes I'd have a southern PA accent (sounds a bit like a western/southern accent but less annoying), other times I'd have varying English accents and every time I'd switch to these accents I wouldn't notice until I became self aware or someone told me. The reason the accent in the song is British is because when I yell like that (an example being the vocals that are at the beginning) I usually can't help but do an English accent, therefore I did the whole song this way.

The bass synth I used here was a moog and it naturally sounded kind of sub bassy. I'd rather it be louder but I'll come to fix it when I do. You can hear it better on a stereo system.

Thanks for the review!


Now this is original stuff! I love finding music like this. Perfect mix of metal and dark industrial. The vocals were very well executed and the synth work is right up there. The simplistic metal/distorted drums fit the piece very well and the variating melodies just make it that much better. Just wish there was a bit more filter work, and the vocals could have been a bit louder. Also i would of appreciated it if you would have put the lyrics in author's comments

But over all this is a very epic track and i hope to hear more from you sometime. Keep up the good work!

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Rahmemhotep responds:

Cool review. "simplistic metal/distorted drums" well, the drums are actually not very typical for metal, especially during the second riff. I remember back when I wrote the drums to that part, I thought they made the riff sound like Bowser theme music. I'm not sure what you mean by "distorted" since the only way in which I manipulated the drums was through volume, other than that I left them clean and dry, I mean if you want to hear distorted beats listen to Gone Astray and Dimwit (both my songs). I guess the thing that makes it most different from normal metal drumming is the pronounced use of the high hat cymbals, closed and open. Also the dance beat I added in the breakdown, just for this remix lol.

EDIT: As it turned out, I DID know what you meant by filtering, I just thought you meant with Love Philter or something, not filtering frequencies, lol.


This song is kinda different it really a mix of several genres. You must feel emotionally connected to this song due to why you created it and your past memories of that time. Most of the song i enjoy.

I find if you probably added backthe guitar it wouldnt be quite as good. The backing beat is done well you it feels harsh industrial but sorta video gaming at the same but it really does compliment your voice. Kepping the cymbals was good it helps keep the general feeling of harshness.

Your voice is good is good i don't listen to much death metal i have your voice sounds very much the same and you control the pitch of your growls well.

I find that if you turn the dynamics of the backing track down and your voice up we'd feel more of your better.

All in all different but enjoyable well done.


Rahmemhotep responds:

Thanks for the review, originally the song sounded way different and it's hard for guitarists to play since in the main riff (the riff it starts with) it's all palm muted downstrokes (and they have to be downstrokes specifically) and at that pace, it's a hard thing to do. Also the part at 2:02 is played differently from the way I wrote it down, it's always been as such.

Really now, the vocals should be louder? I always thought I had them too loud so I tried to get them to be where they are now. I mean, it's also hard to record those growls/screams because they're really damn loud so you have to put the mic away from you. Hmm... Perhaps I will mess around with the volume levels then.

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