Impossible to Convey (Orig)

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Trance + House

Used morphing melodies to create a (hopefully) interesting 3 minute buildup.

New technique: reverse reverb on the piano (during climax).

Be sure to check it out on youtube. (remove the space)

http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=caTa3RSD0DU



holy crap...

you're a genius. I love the bass so much and how it meshes with the lead sounds. That's not to mention how amazing the melodies are. The piano is so nice. This song makes me really sad, but in a good way.


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PrEmoEffect responds:

Yeah, this project took a lot more work than my other ones. Creating the right sounds took a lot of time. Still, i'm not sure if all of them fit in well. But I'm glad that you liked it.


This is wonderful music! It tells a brilliant story.

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PrEmoEffect responds:

You're so great. I still can't believe that you made an account just to review this. Thinking of you as always.

Haha, awesome.

I love this.
Reminds me of xKore a little bit for some reason :P
Also that reverse reverb is a really great touch.
Keep this up, your songs are amazing. :D

DL'd for sure :D

PrEmoEffect responds:

Doesn't xKore do more Dnb? Anyways, thank you so much, and I'm happy to hear that you noticed the reverse reverb. Cheers!




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PrEmoEffect responds:

Thank you for the kind words.

Totally awesome.

00:21 I like that effect, really brings the beat into place.

00:41-1:04 Great buildup. Everything is adding up to something...

01:01 The way the chord changes is great. I like how it pulls away from the

01:36 Woah. Awesome breakdown. The song almost goes down to near silence, yet maintaining a beat. Really nice job here. Though it didn't really build up much energy before breaking down.

02:03: Hmm. Going a different direction from what I expected, huh?

02.04: Back into the beat. Yea!

02.04-02:31: Once again, tension is rising. Something awesome is going to happen!

02:31 Neat little piano melody here, it's great.

03:29 Really cool. The part I was really waiting for. All the energy in this song just flows through here.

4:26 Crap. It's ending soon. =/

Overall, it's another masterpiece you've made. Honestly, I find your other song, Unfortunate Truth slightly better, but this does show what you can do. Great progression, nice house beat and bass, and nice chilly piano do make a good song.
Actually, I find the main synth a bit weird, it sounds choppy in a way, but in another way, it does complement the house beat really well. And the sweeps, they really enhance the progression, you really have a way with them. They just appear at perfectly the right time, and really draws the listener's attention to the progression.

I can't find any flaws in this song, it's almost perfect. Perfect ten to you, and great mix of trance and house in this song.

Oh, I don't think I can hear the reverse reverb piano, despite listening to this a couple of times. Maybe my headphones aren't that good, or it was overpowered by the rest of the instruments.

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PrEmoEffect responds:

See, I told you that I'd get around to this. So from the timed comments, it seems that you liked the song. I did a shorter intro because it's for ng. I personally prefer longer buildups that, as you commented on, build up more energy. The song could also have a more complete outro so it doesn't feel like it ends so suddenly.

Again, I'm still learning. I have focused really heavily on basses lately, and I'm where I want to be with them, but I'm still lacking on leads. The other thing is trying to get them to sit well in the mix, especially when using high freq percussion as I do.

The reverse reverb is a subtle effect that's most noticeable at 3:00. It's easier to hear with increased volume. It basically is a reverb that swells up into the piano right before it's played.

As always, thanks for the great review.

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Feb 5, 2011
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