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Eric Freeman - Equilibrium

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I couldn't really think of a genre for this song. It has guitars in it a lot so I put it in "General Rock", but please don't be surprised when it the synth come in. There's also a harp in there at one point. ;3


EDIT: Second time in the Top 30! Thanks guys!!

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I *DID* have some compliments and constructive criticism, but...Supersteph54 pretty much summed up what I would have said, so...I guess I'm just reviewing to say that I enjoyed it, and to encourage you to keep working.
9/10. Thanks for sharing your ability!

EricFreeman responds:

Thanks. Yeah, I know supersteph54's review is pretty intense and I still don't know what to say, haha.

But yeah, keep in mind this is an older song of mine, heh.

I'm glad you liked it an thanks for reviewing! :)

Preety good

10 for good music lol

EricFreeman responds:

um, ok, thanks.

Not bad at all!

This actually isn't so bad. I enjoyed it all the way through, and even though I have a tonne of suggestions for this, it has plenty of potential to be turned into something better. It's also quite an original-sounding song. In my opinion when you can't think which genre a song fits in, then it's a good sign, meaning that you took a different direction in your song and didn't follow any strict genre rules. And I like it when people take different directions :3. On to the review.

Like I just said, this is quite a different-sounding song. You've got a heavy general rock influence in the song thanks to the guitars, but I'm hearing a well-incorporated synth in there too, which makes for quite a unique sound in all. You also seem to change from using trance-style drums to a more metal/rock style, which is cool too.

The composition was well-made in general. I really liked the synth melody - it had a nice frantic sound to it which fit well with those powerful drum hits. The chord progression was pretty nice too. If I had anything to complain about here, it'd be that I would've liked to see more melodies, especially guitar melodies because I think you could've been a bit more creative with the guitar, but anyhow...

Instrumentation was good. The guitar sound was nice, as was the synth, and I liked the drum hits you introduced in the second section. I can also very faintly hear the harp, although I don't see the reason why you put it there unless you want to sound even more original :P.

Now here's where my biggest complaint is. It's been mentioned by many other reviewers so far so it won't be anything new to you, but it bugged me too much not to mention it. This does indeed sound a lot like a buildup to a climax which never came. Sure, the song has its moments (such as when the synth came in) but no part really stood out and actually gave that satisfying feeling you get from hearing a well-transitioned climax.

For instance, take the part prolonged buildup at 1:11 to 2:09. In this part you're constantly introducing new elements to the song, new rhythms, new sounds, and more hard-hitting drums, and I was seriously expecting to be blown away at 2:09 with some epic climax, but instead I was met with a disappointing exit of the drums, and a quick transition to the metal style you had going in the intro.

My suggestion: make the buildup at 1:11 to 2:09 not so long, because it was getting a bit boring after a while. Then, towards the end of the buildup, play the synth in a higher octave or something, and then at 2:08 leave like half a bar of silence for a little break, and then give the song a massive climax.

The transitions were also decent. I liked the transition in the intro where you introduced the drums, and the transition to the synth part was great as well. I may as well talk about the intro and outro too - they were both well-made. I really liked the progression in the intro, and there isn't much room for improvement in the outro too.

The production was alright, but nothing that special. If I were you I'd work on incorporating more detail into your tracks, because to be frank this sounds a bit amateur and I feel like you could've done a lot more to the track in terms of detail, effects, etc... but all of that comes with experience, so I wouldn't worry about it much!

The drums were so-so. Like I already said, the drum hits in the second section of the song were great, but the metal/rock drums sound pretty weak and drowned out. I'd use different samples, mainly for the snare, or at least EQ and compress them, to bring out their power out a little more.

Anyway, all in all I enjoyed the track. It's a very interesting change from what I usually hear on Newgrounds, especially with the unique instrumentation. Some things irked me a bit, mostly the lack of a good climax, but like I said, this has a lot of potential. I hope this review helped, and keep up the good work! I'll add you to my favourite artists list because you added me, I enjoyed the song and you deserve way more than 15 fans :3.

-Review Request Club-

sup dood brosepher

well, i gotta say this song sounds pretty epic. Just wish there was a part in the song where it just gets in your face and just OOOMP! ....what i mean is that this song just a build up and thats it. Someone already mention that i saw, but i agree with him. I do think this song is still gewwd. I lke the guitar riffage and the collaboration on synths and guitar

EricFreeman responds:

Hm...maybe I'm the only person who feels like the guitar was the buildup and the synth was the drop :/

I heard this once...

Its been ages since I heard this song. Still really like it! Still want to hear a double bass in there somewhere, but would probably make it too rocky and it definitely doesn't have a hard rock feel. Pretty tight overall!

EricFreeman responds:

At like 1:06 there's double bass :P

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Jan 14, 2011
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General Rock
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