{B.A.B.} Bagattella di Estate

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Finally finished this song after damn near forever. Not sure about the reverb I used though. If it's not good, let me know and I'll change it.

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Yeah, the song's 2 1/2 years old, but it made me smile and I had to review it :)


I simply adore this adorable music. It's so bouncy and stylish and the reverb, I think, is perfect. It makes me imagine a bunch of children playing tag in the courtyard of a grand castle as their parents sit on the balconies having a lovely brunch together and enjoying the light mid-afternoon air. All the instruments fit so well together. The imposing of the piano is especially nice, to me. What blissful music...it's perfect.

blackattackbitch responds:

That's the exact feel I was trying to achieve! Glad you liked it!

Drinking at the pub

Ha, this submission made me feel great.
At first, it felt like it was set to be a drinking song, everything you used in composing this really came together well, it sounded excellent. Like SCTE3 said, reminded me of a children's cartoon with them adventuring, doing whatever it is that they're doing... Something like just running around, seeing what sort of things they can see. Felt really good, it's the sort of song where somebody can listen to it, and really just fall in to it's grip. Easily mesmerized by a piece like this, can really make the mind go anywhere.

Excellent work.


blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks dude, just what I needed to brighten up an otherwise very shitty day.
I'm glad you like it!

Judging from the fact that some of the toughest reviewers on NG like this song, maybe I should write more "happy" songs rather than my normal, somewhat angry stuff lol

Thanks again for the review, and hell, thanks for liking it! Knowing you and other guys like to hear this stuff makes it all worth it.

Good atmosphere

This song creates a very good atmosphere and I think it can be used in many different scenarios. Either the one SCTE3 suggested in his review (the child's movie) or maybe in a movie with pirates, or even a documentation about the Yellowstone Park. As I've said, I think this can be used in many different scenarios.

I like the composition very much and I like the instruments you used. Every instrument has a clear purpose. Some are very much in the front, acting as "lead instruments", others can be heard in the background. But every instrument can be clearly heard, which is a very good thing. Sometimes instruments are drowned out by other, much more powerful instruments. But here even the quite tingle of the chimes can be heard.

Good work!

{ Review Request Club }

blackattackbitch responds:

Hmm, never considered it in a pirate movie before, but it does have that kind of structure. I'm glad you think its versatile, especially since my only goal in this composition was to capture pure joy and happiness.

I had put a lot of effort into mixing this song as well as I could, and one of the main drivers for this song is for each instrument and melody to play an essential part. So I'm glad I managed to capture that.

Thanks for the review, I'm extremely glad you and the other guys liked it.


Sounds like one of those songs I would hear in a child's movie where the kids start to go on an adventure in their imagination and end up lost in the woods and hilarity would most likely ensue in most cases.

The strings, violins, bass, keyboard, and bells all seem to come togehter and create a short and beautiful symphony of sorts telling a story of some friends who got reunited and that such and lived happily together for a few days as they caught up on how life was.

Very nice song, makes you just feel good all over, great job here.

Review Request Club

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it!

This song made me feel good while I was writing it, so I'm glad I wasn't the only one who felt that way lol

Thanks for the review, all I wanted to know was how people felt about what I think is probably the best song I can aspire to write at this time, in all honesty.

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Dec 30, 2010
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