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{B.A.B.} Warrior's Quest

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My initial excitement has died down over this song, and now it just feels like another song lol XP

However, my observation that this is my most epic song still stands. This song is fucking epic. Unbelievably epic.

Copypasted from the WIP and edited for current song:

This is by far my most epic fucking piece. This song fucking trumps everything I've ever made ever! Nothing even compares with this anymore.

I have to thank a few people for making this song possible though:

- for the absolutely epic orchestral percussion soundfont "roland orchestral rhythm". The bass drum and the timpani made this song fucking sweet.
- for A LOT, to say the least. First of all, for showing me a way to arrange my drums that's much better for a piece like this than the method I was using before. And for showing me the importance of dynamics and a few music theory tips through his songs. And special thanks for the Ready for War Cover. Although I didn't use many of the techniques that you showed me from that piece until my later songs.
- for reminding me of the importance of leitmotif, something I had forgotten for a long time.
- For the motivation and for forcing me to change my drumset to a better selection.
- For the motivation and for providing a willing ear, as well as the multiple tips that you gave me.

If I missed you in my acknowledgements, my bad. Just send me a PM to clear it up.

I say this because this song marks a new chapter in my music career. This is when I finally start to take this seriously and start attempting to make money in this business.

Oh and forgot to mention, this was done with nothing but free VSTs, soundfonts, and samples.

Don't forget to rate, review, and all that good shit.

Noticed that somebody actually went through the list of reviews and rated them all useless. Seriously, who the hell zerovotes reviews? Bored people do, that's who.

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Simply amazing dude....because of the inspiration from Rage of the Giants, I joined this site. All I have been doing is listening to your compos only until now. With free soundfonts and stuff, I think this is the maximum one can get. I have the similar story with low resources, lack of mixing knowledge, an absolute novice who can learn from you as an example!

Keep your spirit up bro.


Epic. Just... Epic.

I've listening to your songs for awhile, ever since I stumbled across Sabin's Story in a search for classical songs. Now that I finally have an account, I can tell you that all your songs are unbelievably awesome. Believe it.

blackattackbitch responds:

First of all, welcome to Newgrounds. You'll most likely spend a lot of time here procrastinating on important stuff, much like I do lol

Unbelievably awesome? That's pretty hard to believe......

lol thanks for the comments though. It always surprises me when someone says that they not only love the song that they've listened to, but my other work too.

Surprised you liked Sabin's Story though, that song had a fuckton of problems now that I think about it hahahaha

Thanks for the review, these are 80% of the reason I continue, and will continue, to post on newgrounds. Glad you enjoyed it, that's all I want.

Been looking through your stuffz

I like the intro, definitely a great build to something epic.

Let's see, when you do the flute or piccolo trill, make sure you do a lot of dynamic changes, (e.g. fade in/out), otherwise it kinda sounds like a telephone. I do like this though, don't get me wrong, makes it sound like some kind of spy cinematic.

The choir soundfont you used, i'm not too fond of it. It sounds too MIDIish. Which isn't bad, considering it is.

Another thing.... are you using the Faithless Pizzicato soundfont? It's not too good for live intents. I could be wrong though.

Everything else is good, I like the tempo rate and how it rolls along, I'm definitely fond of the chordial structure.

Everything else is beautiful C:

blackattackbitch responds:

Much thanks on the advice for the flute trill, I'll definitely keep that in mind for my future pieces. I did do fade ins and outs on the flutes, but I'll make sure to articulate them better.

The choir was actually papelmedia, believe it or not. I should have EQed it a bit haha.

Actually I had never heard of the Faithless Pizzicato soundfont, in fact I don't believe I used pizzicatos on this song, even though I have the squidfont samples at my disposal.

You might be thinking of the cello staccatos at the end, or the dbass staccatos. I avoided pizzicato sounds because I felt that they weren't powerful enough.

Thanks for the review, I love getting feedback! Glad you checked out my song!


This makes me think of all the glorious last stands done in 2D gaming history.

blackattackbitch responds:

Thanks for the compliment! :)


You have very steady motif that keeps playing in my head, and I think that's a good example for every composer to take note. Great pieces hold on to a strong and solid motif, yet there are variations blending throughout the song, making a smooth progression and colors.

I think I wish it could be better is the ending. If you can put some piatti and tabular bell there, the song may impress the audience even more. :) I use Roland Orchestral Rhythm, so I know how powerful their instruments are.

Btw, what Vsti (or soundfonts) do you use for other instruments that are not percussions? They sound great too.

I applaud you for making a memorable piece.

blackattackbitch responds:

I soo wish I could change that ending, it didn't come out at all like I wanted it to. It was supposed to be loud and imposing, but instead.....well, you know.

Yeah, R.O.R. is probably my favorite drum VST as of right now, although it wouldn't be much without the help of the drumset from Squidfont and the drumset from Sinfonia.

You can get a complete listing of all my VSTs and soundfonts on my userpage in my newspost. I have no idea how many artists I helped with it because no one ever leaves comments, but I'm pretty sure I've helped a few, at least I hope.

Thanks for the review! And thanks for the compliments!

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Mar 12, 2009
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