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DiscoRay (WIP)

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been testing around on FL...because i havent been useing it for a long time...and yea something like this came out...i rly dunno what feedback ima get...

but i think it will be some bad feedback...

some places on the song is not rly filled...as in...not much sound goin on

but u give me ure opinion

it can be a bit repetitive ;S sry

but plz do look at the bright side and tell me what i did good on it...and bad....


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Not bad for a WIP

can't wait to here the finished project. i think at around 1:30 u could really focus on using sum sort of heavy synth. But all in all it's a quite epic piece of techno-wizardry XD

Not bad

Not too bad at all, as a work in progress that is. It sounds far from complete though to me. Seems like it's missing more drums and some pads at least. The melody you have here though is very good. Especially the beginning and the end parts were very catchy in my opinion.

There are no rules in music so having a 'bland' song doesn't really mean much. It does have, as Rabid said, a mild disjointed feel at times though. It's almost if the song was about to totally fall apart, and then by some miracle came back with another melody, lol. Interesting track to say the least.

Too bad you lost the file and it will forever be an unfinished piece, but it's not necessarily a bad track at all. Keep up the good work.


A bit too disjointed for me.

The beginning of the song was catchy enough, but I waited to be hooked. Tiny notes with tiny backing beats didn't exactly draw me in. I was waiting for more serious instrumentation to hit. I realize that may not have been your intent, but the composition definitely could have done with more sounds.

There didn't seem to be a central melody-- just a couple bars oft repeated. Nearly 1:50 into the song, I felt like nothing had happened. I considered that I didn't hear much to hum. The sounds themselves were decent, but they weren't nearly as infectious as they could have been.

Another issue I had was that the song seemed to be falling apart at points. At about 1:25, where the same sounds are just repeated over and over, I thought the song was going to end, because I didn't realize that there was another minute and a half left. It just kept going, and then the song switched sounds; it was almost confusing for me.

You don't have a terrible piece on your hands, but I think you need to find more focus. Like I said, the song seemed disjointed. If you charged it up with more sounds (maybe even uptempo ones) and a more coherent melody, you'd have a real winner.

DavidRx responds:


well the track was a wip...and i put it up 2 get the reviews on the current sound of it 2 add more 2 it and maybe cut some parts but i lost the file ;S

and yea i know lazy of me 2 put it up like this xD

but yea its rly empty at some parts and i dident put up much work on it at the time...i found some nice bass and just wanted 2 know if it was on track if any1 liked the aproach cuz it was kinda new 2 me xD

but in the end i lost the FLP. x.x

so i cudent fill the rest or change anything...

maybe ill try something like this again and FINISH IT XD

thx for the review :3

I like this

Very well done, this is among the only dance songs I actually would download.

Anyway, the intro worked very very well, no complaints, the dynamics on the lines were excellent, and the use of both speakers is something I really don't see enough of.

The next section felt a little bland for me, I mean, It was good, sure, but It was a little long winded, and there wasn't a whole lot going on.

The build back into the song was very nice, with the beat pulsating around the lead, and the beat that it led into was subtle, but changed things enough to make it interesting.

I feel that the song ended a little prematurely, the ending definately could have led into sometthing fantastic, I'm sure many people will say this is lacking in bass, but I disagree, I think that gives the song real character.

Very good work

~Review request club~

DavidRx responds:

thx :D and i wud rly Finish this piece of work...but ;S i dont got it anymoar :,(

i rly was trying 2 create a muffled bass and some trebling basses like in the satisfaction and other benny benassi songs... i had some fun screwing around with it xD

but sadly well...lost it...but thx for the review... :D

To complete...

Some nice effects.

you are missing...

- more percussion
- Cord progression/choirs

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2010
3:27 PM EDT
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