CloudScope (drx)

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lol... a little project i made...i dident want 2 submit it 2 newgrounds as a WIP project...so i finishd it (mainly cuz i ussuly don finish my WIP) XD

but gimmi feed back on what i cud change on this... :D <3
PS. the last 54 sec is a more harder version of the song....it can use some changes O,o but U TELL ME ;D


made in 7 hours and 17 minuts

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Liked it!

I liked the way you built the song until the harder part of the song, it was pretty well done, I liked the main beat and the piano that apeared sometimes. The synths are super cool, the beat is super cool, I was beating my hands on the table according to the rhythm.

I liked the 2:25 part, loved the rhythm and the beat, it has a real dance feel, if I were in a ballad, this'd be one of the perfects songs to dance! Loved everything in this one!!

Anyway, it was a great song, I could notice a lot of variations while I was listening this, liked the way you built the whole song, that's why I'm givin you a 10, very well done job. Keep the good job up!

-Member of the Review Request Club-


DavidRx responds:

hehe it was a little mix of kuduro :p the beat

yea i ussualy like 2 do kinda hardstyle parts on the songs

havent done a full on hardstyle yet but i can give it a try :P

thx for the 10 dude :3 and sure ill keep it up



Great Gravy!!

I have no idea why but this tune makes me want to dance but it also makes me think of chicken gravy as well for no reason at all which is quite random to say the least as well. This is actually a very nice piece that I could enjoy hearing while playing a game as well, cool!

The overall flow and feel is making me think of maybe somewhere between an old school beat them up game and people just getting together and having a good time playing some games with each other on the tv to see who is the best at a certain game or another.

Overall, you did an excellent job on this.

Review Request Club

DavidRx responds:

chicken gravy? XD hahaha awesome comment on that :P

yea a beat em up game :o wud be awesome :P

thx for the review :D

Great sound

This has a really great happy go lucky sound to it. The synth is nice and trippy and not trendy or cliche at all. The bass line is a tad glitchy sounding and sounds great. The bass kick is a tad repetitive and unoriginal, but it seems to blend in okay without being to pronounced. I'm a sucker for a piano as well, and the piano work you did was quite good, although I think the volume could be turned down a tad on it to blend it in better.

The song really does seem to be missing some percussion. I mean, it sounds good without a bunch of percussion but I can't help but wonder what it would sound like with some - and I don't mean a few claps I mean some serious hats to sound like I'm on a fucking jetpack flying through space.

I suppose if I had to give any criticism for improvement the only thing I could think of is that you need a climax where you add some percussion to really give it a full sound. Nonetheless, a good track though. Keep up the good work.


DavidRx responds:

hehe yea its a more happier song :P
yea i kinda focused on the bass glitchiness a bit i kinda like glitchy music :P
i rly love piano :P so in some of the tracks i do have piano in them indicating a calm part/magical :P

i did put some percussions but just a few :o
im not rly good with percussions rly XD so i ussualy dont put them but ill take that in mind :P

thx for the review mate :D


Layered like a cake, just as delicious.

I'm a sucker for classy piano. Just those couple bars at the beginning of the song force me to give you some massive credit. I stuck around in anticipation, and I really enjoyed as the music started fading in. At that point, I knew that I was listening to a very decent song.

Usually, I'm bothered when a song stays at the same pace if its low, but I really didn't mind for this composition. It had enough going on (piano, percussion, those electronic sounds) to keep me interested. One thing I did notice, however, was the change at 2:24. It seemed a little forced. The whole song almost changes tones at that point, and I think if you had hinted at that melody before, the change wouldn't be so abrupt. It wasn't awful, but it could have been more skillfully worked in.

I'm also very fond of noticeable percussion in songs like this. You kept things controlled with the hi-hats and claps, but I would have enjoyed just a little more, to give the song an extra punch. As it stands, though, it's one of the few faults of a great song. Fantastic melody, intelligent instrumentation, and perfect length! I think you might want to use this song as a model for future projects.

Review Request Club

DavidRx responds:

haha im a sucker for piano too :P its a magical instrument and calm :)
yea i shud have hinted some places giving in some powerful synths and rythms...
dident think of that at the point

:) thx for the review

Mastering sound great!

The song sounded great in my speakers and I liked the change in bassline. Feels to me like it needs a soft layer phasing in and out softly in the background as well as the piano & synth.

Pitty, you lost it. I lost a few of mine too when my HDD and ext HDD both decided to crap themselves :(

PS. What is the Review Request Club???

- BeefourMusic -

DavidRx responds:

yea a ambient buzz in the back :3 i did that with my ither track (discoSex) u shud check it out...

yea ;S my HDD got virus -.-

Review Requeste club is a forum club that rly reviews ure requested tracks....so if u got a track u shud put it out there...they will review ure track and help u out :D their awesome...(just click on the forums and then on audio)

and then u can use the search engien on the bottom and type review :3

thx for the review...and make sure 2 listen 2 discoSex XD

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4.55 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2010
4:17 PM EDT
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