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Author Comments

Yay finished with this song! This song's melody was pretty lame at first. If you listen to it closely it sounds similar to Exhilaration's melody, only slower. Well, down to what's really in this.

This song has some nice strings, a little piano in the beginning half, my custom bass, and some saws :D.
I found an awesome kick drum that has a lot of impact sound, or whatever. it sounds cool. I used another kick for other parts so the awesome one wouldnt be overused.. xD. I also found an open hat and a closed hat and used them a lot. The claps were custom... well kinda custom. I took some claps and some snares to make the claps. Sometimes the claps might sound louder or softer, depends on if the snare was playing or not. Some cymbals were found too, so when you hear drum crashes/splashes there might be an echo sound. There's also a ton of sixteenth notes, so yeah, just giving some notice. There are three major parts to this song, all of which are runs of sixteenth notes. 0:39, 1:46, and 3:05. Everything else, is either strings, or the main dance melody with the synth.

Well that's about it for this song, about 106 patterns, though i didnt use all of them. I was going to go for a big bang at the end, except that didnt turn out too well so i gave up on it (LAZY!). Decided to go with the fade out. Oh yeah, and Alyssa, those strings are for you. :)

Hope you enjoy the song! Tell me your favorite part and why!~



Nice! Well, it Could've been better.

Alright, I'm starting with the negatives:

YOUR BASS IS TOO UNORIGINAL! I expected you to grow out of that by now! Anyway, The beginning was okay. The claps have to much echo that it's annoying. The strings @ 1:26 are of timing and sound discordant. You reverb kick to much. The gold saw is overused as your lead! GETNEW iNSTRUMENTS! Sytrus has like 20 other awesome leads! Come on! YOu should have ended the song RIGHT @ 3:38. You were going for a bang at first, so you should've done so! Also, you don't just dedicate a part of the song for a girl! You dedicate the WHOLE thing.


I really liked this song! The fast notes were freakin awesome! Love the part that lead up to 3:38 I like your funky bass. And the piano was cool, too.

9/10 4/5 Download!

-DJ Babokon

AXTTXA responds:

(Sorry if my reply to the negative is negative, but in my world, you fight with the same thing to get an opposite result. Negative + Negative = Positive).

lol well what else am i supposed to do with the bass? it's only offbeat eigth notes. i tried to do a different method instead of doing octaves for the bass by putting the offbeat notes 2 notes higher than an octave lol. there were 2 basses anyhow so i figured i'd try and mix it up a bit. i dont think that anyone really noticed much though.

The strings would have been more dissonant if i didnt shorten all of them. i guess they werent shortened enough. other than that, i couldnt find any other strings (laziness?) that could replace the strings which would be able to play long sustained notes and play some half-solo kinda notes. i found a violin off the free downloads but it was only short notes and couldnt play whole notes.

Reverb kick? Idk, i felt like it wasnt used correctly in FearFury so i decided to give it another chance. Maybe too much of a chance. It was also a convenient way to create a miniature crescendo after a bang of each new part.

Gold Saw? Yes, i agree that i DO overuse it. It's just that out of all the 500+ Sytrus instruments, none of them really fit my taste. Only Platinum Saw, and Gold Saw somewhat fit my taste. Idk, if you have any recommendations on instruments that sound similar to them, tell me so i dont stay so repetitive.

3:38? Hmm... now that you mention it, yes, i COULD have ended it right then and there. Except i didnt realize it was a point for the ending anyhow. Other than that, i REALLY wanted to use the other bassline/ harmony (if it even is one) that i was saying earlier, about the 2 notes above an octave stuff.

The big bang? Well, that COULD have happened if i had known about 3:38. Remember i was telling you about the fade out? i had decided to have the big bang start at where the fade out would have been, but it would have only ended up being even MORE repetitive.

"Also, you don't just dedicate a part of the song for a girl!". Dude, im sorry if i sound pissed off, but she isnt just "a" girl. i have a lot of close friends that are girls. i dont know if i'll ever end up dedicating a song to each of them. But if i was to ever dedicate a song for a girl, there's certain things i would do to it. First, i'd probably pick an instrument that THEY like, an instrument that i may or may not have used before/been accustomed to. Second, the song would be to express THEIR personality. Not just some random dance melody crap. Sure, it represents happiness, but people have more sides than happiness. There are a lot of emotions, and im sure you know them. Finally, i would do what THEY want in that song. Sure, it might not be exactly what they want. It might not end up as i or they wanted it to end up as. I'd send them a demo of the melody and ask them, "Is this ok?" Or, i could just totally compose some random melody that >i< feel expresses my thoughts of them, finish the song and just tell them the moment i show them, "This song is for you."

This song had strings in it for Alyssa, because i promised her that i would make a song with strings in it. FearFury i was working on at the time i promised her. The only part i could put in strings was for 8 measures. This is way more then 8 measures and the strings are the melody 1:08. Not like an accompaniment as they would have been in FearFury. Other than that, i had CRAP strings that i had found earlier when creating FearFury. At least be glad that these strings apparently sound "half-decent." To me, they are some reward to me after spending an hour just looking up "Strings" in FL Studio and scrolling through presets in Autogun.

Im glad you liked the song (even if it's repetitive). Thanks, the fast notes didnt actually take that long to create. Thanks x2. Mmmm... the piano was just an extra whiff of icing on the cake.

Thanks again


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4.28 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2010
1:09 PM EDT
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