The power of Drum&Bass

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My first Drum n bass, i just don't like the first melody but all other melodies i made sucked exept the last one i think that melodi, pretty nice:)

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Slow start, powerful finish

Hmm, you've gone for an interesting blend here, with what could be described as a 'spiritual start', with the slow bongo drums and the choir making it sound very tribal. I think it was a shame that you didn't heed your own words with "Ok, now build it up slowly", as I felt that the tempo exploded, thus making the track very different, very quickly, with the choir only audible when the drums faded away.

With how it all comes together, you have done a good job, but perhaps you could add some more variation and extend the song past the 3 minute marker, since there is a great deal of power there, so it would give you more time to stretch the tempo changes.

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jpgregorio responds:

it wasn't bongos it was the drums with a low pass filter, and there wasn't tempo changes it was the same tempo troughout the hole track^^.

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I thought the start was pretty fast and the song itself was really fast and gave you an adrenaline rush but not exactly just drum and bass but I get the idea and the voice was cool too but didn't make any sense but a really cool effect and there were lots of cool effects in the whole thing and it was so loud that I couldn't hear my keyboard typing at all! There was also a cool voice in the end.

I thought there were lots of sounds and effects but I think you should have a better name then drum and bass because it wasn't exactly drum and bass in the whole thing so work on the name unless the first version didn't have much details in it. Overall this is a fast little song and I enjoyed it so work on it som more until you get it right!

~Review request Club~


jpgregorio responds:

thanks, this is not the final version so i'll try to make it more like drum&bass


This has quite a lot of potential, but in my opinion you have a lot of work to do.

You cracked up the filter resonance on the drums and that really ruined it for me, especially when the kick/snare rushes came in - Why is this?. . Deal with that sound issue please.

Your drum patterns were actually good, and with the right sounds you could do get some really good sounding patterns.

Vocal things were good, no complaints there :3.

Melodic section seemed all over the place for me, I heard three different synths that didn't seem to go togethr at all (Choir/Low saw synth/High saw synth). I'll say the notes from the high synth (lead saw) were actually really good (loved the bends and stuff) and would sound better with different background synths.

In terms of leveling, at multiple times throughout the song I heard the audio clip, and that doesn't make good listening. .

I love Drum&bass, and I can't get enough of crazy patterns and stuff (seeing as it's my fave kind of music), but I didn't really think this was quite up to standard. You have the basic elements down, it's just a case of now building on that. Maybe try and listen some 'Des Plaines by Venetian Snares' to get a jist of what I'm trying to put accross.

It was a good attempt, for me it needs a lot of work. I hope you improve this and wow me. I can see my review is a lot harsher than the other club memebers, so maybe I'm just being extra picky seeing as 99% of what I listen to is D&B xD. If you don't get some of what I said, please feel free to PM me, I'd be happy to go over things with you :].

Anwar Louis ^_^
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jpgregorio responds:

thanks man, and yes your review is harsher than the others, but thats nice, it will help me improve.

-Review Request Club

I would strongly encourage you to cut out the start (The section with the choir pad) completely. Just get rid of that bit and start with the synths at 00:10 at the beginning. Simply because the choir pad...doesn't really fit. Doesn't fit at the start, and doesn't realllly seem to hold any comfortable relation with the other synths when it comes back in again later on in the track. I think the track would be better without it, especially at the introduction.
The more robotic voice (Now build up slowly/you have just witnessed the power...) was also a little unnecessary and kind of detracted from the piece.

The synth at 00:39 and the melody that goes with it is cool, and kind of helps hold the piece together, and it has the little echoes near the end which are a nice touch. The drums also have a nice beat and even changes up at 1:32 to try and help it not get too repetitive.

I think one thing this is definitely lacking, though, is a more prominent bass. You've got the drum down and it's doing well, but the bass feels a little nonexistent. If you just had an extra bass synth in there I think it'd help out a lot, and also offer a chance of changing this up a little more, as it kind of stays pretty much in the same place through the whole two minutes. It's a pretty good idea and has potential. Stick a more obvious bass in there and you'll be pretty much set.

-Review Request Club

jpgregorio responds:

thanks, i'll try to do that

Good song but the vocals need to be better

It starts off a bit generic in the intro, but once the main beat sets in the song gets a lot better.

I like the fast pace of the beat and the melodies, it really gets your adrenaline pumping. The added vocals are nice, but they are way overpowered, which makes it almost painful to listen to them, you should try to change that.

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jpgregorio responds:

thanks, i'll improve it. peace

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Mar 6, 2010
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Drum N Bass
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