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O.H.35 - Rocket

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Author Comments

This is our very first track we put together as a group. Enjoy.

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Review Request Club

You have some really interesting sounds playing right from the start that gave a track a really unique feel, in lieu of just the normal effects you get in a techno track.

The transition to the piano was unexpected, but very effective; I especially like the the buildup to it where it sounded like you had some voices and a few more instruments coming in just to give it more of a surreal feel. Though I thought the switch back to the guitar/drums was too abrupt, I like the way that the piano was still there as a backing line, and again you have the kind of slightly-manipulated voice which gives an extra sense of uniqueness to the piece. The guitar itself isn't doing anything overtly remarkable, but it is providing a really nice solid base for all these more unusual sounds to rest on. And I said that before I hit the solo section, so ignore the bit where I said it wasn't doing anything overly remarkable; love the solo section. Definite high point and highlight of the track, love the slides and the vibrato you had.

When it goes back into the non-solo section, I start feeling the signs of repetitiveness set in, but not so much so that I'm bored in any way by it. You've got the same chord progression throughout and before the solo section came in I was going to say the guitar could have used doing something else other than power chords for a while. By 5:00 there's enough of a difference in the piano/synths/guitar to make me forget that I thought it was repetitive, but I wish the voices at 5:35ish were louder, because they're definitely an element of this that you could bring out and develop a bit more. The ending itself was a little unconventional, but given all the effective unconventional things that had preceded it, it fit in very well.

All in all, this is very nicely crafted. If this is the first thing you've put together as a group, please feel obliged to put more things together as a group? This was a very cool track.

-Review Request Club

OH35 responds:

Thanks for the review!!! We're glad you overall liked the song. Personally I like some repetitivity with minimalistic changes in it, like what happens in this piece, but we're working to make our future tracks sound less repetitive for the listener.

A little repetitive

Despite the length of this track being quite epic and drawn out, it seems that you're still lacking in overall variation, which is slightly saddening. Taking some of the beats and melodies and messing with them would certainly help.

Do leave the guitar solo alone, as that is by far the best part of this track. It broke it up fine, but then it went back to the monotony and the random shouts that I can't understand. If people could hear what you're saying or shouting there, it might work a lot better.

Still, there's some really good work in there.

[Review Request Club]

OH35 responds:

Thank you for another constructive review!
The variation in this piece mostly consist of effects going in/out of the song. I believe that for a first song it ended pretty well with enough variations, even if "minimalistics"

We are working on adding more variety to our tracks, your suggestions are a great help to us.

Thanks again.


MAn, this is the most awesome techno/rock song I've heard!! The piano is so great, the drums are simply amazing, the guitar is syncronized with the music and made MINDBLOWING solos...

The guitar together w/ techno is great, it gives more life to the music, the guitar sound is awesome, it fits well w/ almost every kind of music, and the mix guitar and drums is great, too, the drums were fast, very simple, but it gave complexity to the song, what is awesome...

It seems you worked very hard to make this song, and all these work was worth, this song is the proof!! Keep it up, man, you rock!!

(Review Request Club)

OH35 responds:

hey thanks, glad you enjoyed the song! I completely agree, guitars work well with everything!! :-)

~ Review Request Club ~

I actually thought it was very good. A lot of people talked about how repetitive it was, but I felt that for being over six minutes long you had a really good deal of variety in it.

I think that the only thing that you could have made a little bit better would be the voices that you used. They were there, but if they were a little bit stronger or evident I think it would have been much better.

I myself thought the guitar sounded pretty real and had no problems with it at all. I really liked the mix of genres here. Not only did they help a lot with the variety, but they were mixed very well.

~ Review Request Club ~

OH35 responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked the song!

The guitars used ARE real so I'm surprised that people think they sound fake, perhaps too much effect applied in some parts of the track...

Good song, repetitive drums

It's a bit repetitive at the beginning, but it gets better during the song. I really like the mix between rock and techno here, even though the guitars sound awfully artificial (especially when they play riffs, during the solo the guitar sounds pretty good).

But I think the drums need some more variations, they don't seem to change that much during the song and they get almost boring towards the end of the song.

{ Review Request Club }

OH35 responds:

Thanks for your review. Yes perhaps the drums are a bit repetitive. This was our very first attempt to mix the genres and for that we were extremely cautious while using the drums, perhaps too much :-) We will take your suggestions without a doubt in consideration while making our future tracks.

Thanks again.

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4.50 / 5.00

Jan 29, 2010
8:43 PM EST
File Info
7.1 MB
6 min 15 sec

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