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O.H.35 - My Dy

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Author Comments

A little less guitars, more keys.
This piece is more atmospheric.

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Techno with guitars

I'm not particularly convinced that this is Techno, because the guitars lend more than just a "General Rock" feel to it, so I'm willing to accept the piece goes elsewhere, with that. You've added some nice beats and a decent synth counter melody, so the guitar really does shine.

Perhaps some more realistic sounding drums would help the piece? I think that for a 6 minute track, it does have quite a potential for replaying it, which is nice to hear. Some sort of a drum solo would be nice in there as well, to give the guitars a break and not just holding out for the Techno solo.

[Review Request Club]

OH35 responds:

It's more of a fast electronic music rather than techno. Techno is usually more heavy than this. This piece is really melodic, something that usually techno music really lacks.

Regarding the realistic drums we're saving them for the live performances. Our main focus was to make electronic music with guitars in it so the drums had to be electronic.

Thank you for your feedback.

Review Request Club

I thought the whole song was brilliant and a mix of three genres in it which was really original and how this had to do with your day but it kind of got repetitive in it and it was mostly loops so fix that but the guitars were really good and there was a really good use of those and the other sounds that you included in the whole process but there was a really good beats in it too. I really think you spent some time and effort in this because of the guitar mostly because it sounds like that was hard. Overall I loved this piece and I favorited it to show my appreciation and keep up the good work!

OH35 responds:

Yea it was hard to make this piece but you know, making music is never easy!

Thank you for your support!

~Review Request Club~

The start is fantastic. A sort of mix between rock and techno, what with the guitar in there. The song was well layed out, and progressed nicely. I do think it got a little repetitive at points, and some of the riffs weren't that impressive, and I thought that it could use a little more in the way of effects, but that's it for criticism.

the concept of the song was great. no one mixed an electrical guitar doing rock beats into their techno. Brilliant. It had a nice rhythm, but again it just got a little repetitive over time. more and different fills on the drums, different effects... sorry, i know I said no more criticism, but it's so close to being a great sound. I think that might just be it. Everything about this song screams good, and with just some few tweaks it could be great.

the fact that I gave a decent amount of criticism is not because it's a bad song, but because it's close to being a great song, and what could be changed is what could make it go from good to great, and I hope you know that I really do like the song man. Good luck in future musical endeavors dude.

~Review Request Club~

OH35 responds:

Thanks for the feedback, we appreciate the criticism. We made the drums and effects very simple in order to not overwhelm the melodic parts, which are usually so easily overwhelmed (especially in techno) by heavy crazy drum lines and effects. The purpose of this piece was the melodies going from guitar to keyboard back and forth the whole piece. Believe me when I say that we DO add a lot of effects/drums in our pieces, which most of them get deleted in the final phase because too many drums/effects always overwhelm the melodies and that's not our purpose.

Review Request Club

I love the superslow buildup in this. It takes a good full minute for the main riff to kick in and yet the first minute isn't really lacking; all the time you've got this sense of crescendo and build to it. Which is pretty nicely done, as most of the time buildups that length just get irritatingly repetitive.

The switchings between the keys/synths and the guitars is always nicely done. Whatever's on top, you've always got this nice undercurrent of synth and drum beat, which varies enough to not be dull in itself, and often has a few sounds you'd generally not hear in a backing part, which gives the track a lot more depth. The choice of sounds on the keys also generally complement the backing synths really well, whereas the guitar adds a nice counterpoint to them, so you've got a great contrast going on.

I thought by the 4th-6th minute it was starting to get a little repetitive, but not so much so as to be very irritating. The guitar in general was cool, but I thought it could have maybe switched a little more between the chords and the more lead-like part it had right at the start. Maybe have more times where the main synths/guitars are playing together, as well?

In general, it's a nice solid piece. The guitar's a little drawn back which lets them not overpower the keys, it's got some nice unusual sounds and harmonies in there and in all was a pretty decent listen. Keep it up.

-Review Request Club

OH35 responds:

Thanks you for your feedback!

Great mix of genres

It's a good mix between techno and rock, it sounds very interesting. The guitars play their riffs very set back (almost sounds careful), but this way they leave enough room for the other instruments that play some very interesting and catchy melodies.

Even though the song is over 6 minutes long it doesn't get boring as you managed to come up with something new just when the "old stuff" started to get repetitive. Very nice job!

{ Review Request Club }

OH35 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked this piece too! Indeed, the guitars are very "cautious" because in this piece we wanted to give more room to the other instruments.

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4.28 / 5.00

Feb 5, 2010
9:21 PM EST
File Info
7 MB
6 min 9 sec

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