Empty Inside

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Hi again! I'm back with another Dark Ambient piece.
Like my other submission "Embued in Darkness", this one is even more brief and simple.
Yet, it transmits to me a feeling of emptiness and of disorientation.
Who knows... maybe I'll do an improved version of this.

Anyway, enjoy this and as always feel free to rate and comment. ^^
KK Slider


perfect abience

i really liked this, provides a great ambient sound, i especially liked the first 50 seconds, really adds a lot imo

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you man ^^
This is a really old one, I'm glad it still leaves an impact.

I disagree .

This song is about emptyness . The mind's true essence .So empty, but it's the world at the same time .. You can hear the fading reality in this song, you can hear the grey worlds, nothing peaceful, only as an essence . This is truely, atmosphere man, keep at it .
- Aphotic Athanasy -

KKSlider60 responds:

Minimalism in one of its best forms, I'd say. XD
The choose of instruments was more time consuming than arranging the song as a whole.


Just wasn't feel'n it from this one. Too much of...well nothing at the beginning. Had to wait till about 2/5 of the way in till something changed. I also feel it could have been faster, along with some drums, and maybe a violin thrown into the mix.


You can do much better than this with your talent bro, keep it up.

KKSlider60 responds:

Well, I guess it's the genre that puts some kind of limits, although I agree that this ain't part of my best pieces.

Post-apocalyptic feel...

I'm getting a serious Fallout 1/2 soundtrack vibe from this... Your name wouldn't happen to be Mark Morgan would it?

I'm usually not into ambient music but this one struck me as interesting. The song is relaxing in some ways, but there's always the looming tension. It reminds me of taking shelter in one of Fallout's towns, while worrying whether or not one of the guards or townspeople would decide they wanted to shoot you.

My only complaint would be the scratchy vinyl-record noise in the background. Otherwise, great job.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
I didn't play any of the Fallout chapters, so I can't tell.
Happy 2010, hope to see you again!

Best regards,


But I don't know about empty. I almost get a peaceful feeling when listening to this map. The first 50 seconds were kind of creepy since it was so low pitch, but after that when the second instrument came it it gave it a relaxing calming feel. It kind of had a dark watery feeling to it. I had the mental image at that point of being in a Bathysphere slowly descending and looking out that little window to see all the life around me underwater. I can see the empty feeling there but to me it just feels more right being something to calm you. but at 02:17 that just removed any empty feeling I had. At that point it kind of gave me a soft, safe feeling. It reminded me of the music you usually would hear when you walk into a safe room from Resident Evil 2. One of the rooms that had a storage bin and a typewriter next to each other? Remember how the music would change to that soft ambient sound and no matter what nothing ever could hurt you in there? At 02:17 I get that feeling. Thinking about it, there are a lot of emotions in this piece, it goes from a creepy feeling to some what relaxing, to completely safe feeling.

KKSlider60 responds:

Hm, yeah. Now that I think about, it's more about being relaxed than being creep'd out.
I love your interpretations though, they really help me in creating more things.


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Dec 25, 2009
9:06 AM EST
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