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KKS - Contact

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I. Signs of Life (0:00 - 1:36)
II. Excitement (1:36 - 2:24)
III. Preparations (2:24 - 4:48)
IV. The Great Cruise (4:48 - 6:36)
V. We Come In Peace (6:36 - 10:48)
I. Signs of Life
The year 2650 AD marks the beginning of the Space Hunting program - the ultimate search for extraterrestrial sentient life. A signal is detected, coming from a mere 43 light-years in the constellation of Sagittarius. The world freezes in shock.

II. Excitement
The surprise brings new hopes and mankind is now ready to explore this exotic world. There's no doubt, the signal is confirmed to be of alien nature, possibly from a civilization like ours.

III. Preparations
A new starship is starting to take shape, in the hands of expert engineers and scientists. The process is long, but expectations are very high, and faster-than-light travel is now possible.

IV. The Great Cruise
A cosmic adventure towards whole new worlds, opening a tiny window in the vast transparent ocean of space. A shimmering light appears to the crew: it's the home star of the new world! Contact is closer than we've ever imagined to be.

V. We Come In Peace
The approach is cautious, and the exoplanet has been subject to in-depth analysis and study, in order for humans to be settled. Conditions for life are just right. The starship slowly makes his way to the ground, in a delicate descent. Welcome to the new world.
Note #1: Please forgive the horrible English. XD It's just my way to decide a proper title for a track.
Note #2: If FatKid approves, this will probably be featured in a soon-to-be-released split album between myself and him. ;)
Note #3: Feedback/criticism as well as comments are very well received as always.
Note #4: This is a varied suite, and there's no real "main theme" or main leitmotif. Every segment is in fact a story on its own.
Lastly, enjoy and feel free to share this somewhere :D
EDIT: A billion thanks to those who listened to my tracks and continue to give feedback and support. Special thanks to the admins, mods, friends and brothers that constantly gave me hints about various aspects of musical composition. Lastly, but not least, many many thanks to you, random Newgrounder for your substantial influence, guaranteeing success among NG's ranks. A big sincere "Thank you", for everything! You deserve cake. :3 /KKS

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This is the besr audio on newgrounds and you are the best music maker of newgrounds and i love the music, but i do like this in everytime and that maybe be my favorite music for my ipod, and this is permanent good music, and This is the best

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you man! Awesome comment :D

Good Music, Good Theme. I liked it.
This is our fantasies only. Nothing from thing you written is possible for us.
We live not in time of Space Expansion. . .
Too bad i will be dead when it all happens.

KKSlider60 responds:

For now maybe. But I have little care about current technology when faced against our beautiful minds and what they're capable of. :)

I don't know why... but this reminds me of.... fragments of a mysterious dream where I'm not able to remember the whole dream. I gotta say, this is an epic win.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you very much, dreams are a constant inspiration. If only I were able to lucid dream...

this song ask's a question of life

As you plundge into this song of mistery and space, you wonder whare you are and what you are.
Just think about the visualizations and you will see what I mean, I just think about it while listining the song itself. and you wonder "whare is life, whare is time, whare am I." and you are all alone in endless space thinking about the question. and think all about your family, trying to find you in the space. Now imagene yourself, you are just a star in space trying to find your home, and you cant find it at all. and then you relize you cant even scream in space as you panic.

then you find out...

life is never ment to be scared of it only yourself who should be afraid of

we may never know the true meaning of life and death

KKSlider60 responds:

Damn no new review notices, I missed so many reviews... :(

Hmm, don't long for mystery or what you don't know, for what you have is the key to unlock your own self. :)
Thanks for the comment

Hope its this epic once we do make 1st contact.

Really hope Im alive long enough to see this. When that time comes when we do at last make first contact is just going to be very epic. Very good work and it just fits so perfectly. I get chills when I hear that loud chime sound. Very good song to listen to when your looking up at the stars at night. Only issue is the ending part which seems to drag out a little to long but other then that very good work. 10 out of 10 and I really hope you make more of this in the future. I hope someone on here makes a small mini newgrounds movie useing this. Im very honored to have heard this and it also makes me think about the Mass Effect universe as well.

KKSlider60 responds:

Thank you very much! :D
We live in a strange era, full of innovations and technological prowess on the outside, and brutal, cruel truth on the inside which constitutes the hidden, submerged part of the iceberg. Yeah, it would be cool to watch some extraterrestrial beings fapping on our porn movies, light years away. XD

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Sep 14, 2011
11:12 AM EDT
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