Storms ft. MATATAT

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This is a song that I've been working on for a while. I feel that it's definitely got what I was going for lyric wise, but I'm never really satisfied with my presentation. Maybe I'm just being too hard or maybe someone could give a good critique.

Anyway the beat is by war-spawn. Used once again without his permission but it's all in the spirit of hip hop and rap. No harm meant. The original track is Storms, can be found here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/191500

The concept here is a story of sorts on how I got into hip hop and rapping. The dream to be an emcee, but the reality of people looking at a white rapper and the fear of sharing my work with others. Sorta a lot of ideas thrown into one.


purple skies open wide in the nighttime
picture me in the spot, in the limelight
battle rap against myself, put up a good fight
cover hip hop like rage, I sound good right?
hell naw, well, who knows, im all alone
on the moon with my headphones on
curled up like the baby son, im gone
if love is for the game,
then im white, and you're wrong
if im tight, then i dig this song
if its light, then ill hit the bong
if i could clear my mind then i can see to far
with each new spark, i can reach my star
catch me sleepin through the middle of the day
cuz in my dreams is where i like to play
if i could keep it this way, id stay
but i cant, im done, im gone, advitase?, so long


its like little baa baa black sheep
run away from the herd, you cant catch me
i dont wanna be the same when i go to sleep
my mind keep playin me, start to speak real deep---

sayin you got a gift, you got a dream
you got a way with words if you know what i mean
speak like you mean em, be all that you can be
you need a little practice, better tighten up them seams

better learn from the kings, hear the hearts they move
better pick up some flow, better pick up some groove
better step toe to toe, boy you know what to do
they got rainstorms, better pack a monsoon

and heres your sack lunch ya momma gave ya
so boy go to school and please do me a favor
be the best that you can be, dont resent anything
life is just a test, so reach for the stars when you dream


if i said boogeyman, boogeyman
would he come for me, i better pack a glass full of sand
make the time slow, watch the grain as it land
disrupt flow, oh no, that wasn't planned

im layin under clouds, im shady
startin off slow, voice, a little shaky
heatin up now, ah im baking
ballin, on fire, like my last name Jamison

tailorin to the consolation, through the vapors when
paler than those at the top the occupation then
caters to those from the hood, am I later than
rappers lookin whiter than the guy that plays darth vader man

land of taters man, spawned a lot haters man
my tape is tossed in the nearest trash can
thats a back hand to hip hop as it stands
you gonna beat it to the ground, it didnt even get a chance, damn


its aight

the beat was really tight
is the girl singing, is that portishead
and the rapping fell flat for me
i think it was the voice tho


Sounds good. I would fool around with equalizing/mastering your voice a bit, it doesn't sound as professional as the beat does. Other than that good shit though, I like it.

Well then.

I'm really not a fan of rap whatsoever...

But this song was quite epic. The instrumentals were so amazing. The vocals... weren't amazing, but it felt like a speech placed into a song, and it all perfectly fit together.

Very amazing job man!

"and heres your sack lunch ya momma gave ya
so boy go to school and please do me a favor
be the best that you can be, dont resent anything
life is just a test, so reach for the stars when you dream"

Awesome lyrics man... You seriously made an awesome piece here.

I would of never thought that I would of given a rap song a 10/10. Ha.

10'd fav'd 5'd dl'd. Awesome awesome awesome.

Pretty damn good song

I have to say that I love this song. So simple, so relaxing, so epic. 10/10 from me (one of the very few that I've given out so far)

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