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Out Of My Head Ft. Matatat


Author Comments

This is a song I've been waiting to spit for a while. The beat is by war-spawn and was used without his permission (original: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/231942 ). I hope thats okay WS, if not PM me and I'll take it down.

Lyrics were a heavy part of this for me and the flow just sort of came as an afterthought, still i think it works well. I heard this beat and felt it calling for me to say something. This track has minimal editing on it, just a few levels (which im not too great at) but i wanted to keep the sound a little raw to contrast the realness of the lyrics.

Listen, review, and I hope you enjoy!

dirty blood plastered across his arms
fist fulls of pharms, the charm is no alarm
the calm before the storm is on
hold it together, any bad weather turns the king into a pawn

you can see it in his face, abrasive
chained with invisible restraints, wearing strange clothes
eyes sunk back, rows of crows chose to place
their feet under his eyes, draggin charcoal

to create the look of shade, his shame is then placed
in his brain as he erases names that become strange
strainin to keep sane, i see this exchange
i see the danger that comes with so much pain

placin hands on mouths and ears wont do no good here
its clear theres fear, hidden tears from years
of abuse, a recluse in mind, no need to look to find
if time would rewind, different influence would lie inside


standin as the sun beats through the blinds
believe your eyes, its death defined, loves but he despise
need to revise, lies heard speakin through grapevines
dads old twelve gauge suddenly lookin divine

hope he dont mind, it speaks just fine
cuz if you read it right, you see that its dinner time
need a bigger spine, with a bottle of wine, sleep right
we could all cope with his abuse if you close up tight

am i right? I can't see the things that you see
but three suicide attempts makes it fairly clear for me
nothing i or anyone can do to set you free
from the pain, somehow bottled up, now let it bleed

you see its hard for me to find a reason in your logic
several times ive pondered it, wondered was it the pot
or if theres a bigger topic, found a way and you somehow lost it
is theres a way to stop it, or was i just lost in my head?


Life is bittersweet, sweet because you live it
bitter because you beat it, treat it like its a f---in reject
have a litte respect, for the dead, because they need it
cuz theres a person who could use it, they only dream of it

but theres nothing i can say so why say anything
for the dead we reap, behold a king, come home in spring
you hold a place in me, face it b, remain stationary
place weary heads to rest, because you're in my dreams

so all i have in the end is a song straight out of my head
cuz you're in it and i can't get you out of it
but im proud of it, shout it loud every time i spit
you stupid chowderhead, you and your cloudy head

and one day ill see you kickin it up in the clouds man
im hopin for it every time i can yes i am
the boom box whistlin, we spittin it
different verses fittin in, just different s---
outta our heads

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good job

lol good job i have this instrumental downloaded 2 !
well done man, your vocal style really adds 2 this .
good job! - keep it up

Good work

Solid lyrics, well delivered, keep songs like this comin!

Word up.

I dig the lyrics. Some syllable hicups, but good shit over all. Check out my stuff dude, possibly get on something?

Hellz ya

Great drop on this beat. Your flow works near perfect in the beat. The beat is amazing, props to War-Spawn on that. The chowderhead line is iffy, it got my attention when I heard it, as if it was a bit chowdery... lol, Nice track man, keep it up

MATATAT responds:

haha worrdd i totally know what you mean, i put a lot of effort into the first two verses, came up with the first 4 bars of the 3rd and ran into a major road block, got through another 4 bars and then created the last 4 bars and needed something to fill haha


Yay, that's a different type of spitting I've heard before from you, sounds really awesome! I hope you'll get lots of respect here on NG. Keep it up, MATATAT! :]
10/10; 5/5; faved

MATATAT responds:

Yo thanks mang, fo sho totally different style than the tracks i made with you. I'm still trying to make another song that will fit well with your stuff. It was awesome collaboratin with you and those tracks turned out amazing.

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4.52 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2009
3:16 PM EDT
File Info
4.8 MB
5 min 17 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.