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Untitled Trance (WIP)

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Finally! A new original song in progress!!! Ive been working on this one for quite a while, but before I finish it I would really like some constructive criticism, specially from musicians experienced in trance music, so honest reviews will be greatly appreciated ^^

Name suggestions for the song are also welcome ; )


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im loving this!!! i hear some of the stuff from welcome to the wild in here and it makes a perfect mesh. you use your beats very well. your arps are awesome.
(btw im reviewing this while i listen to this for the first time) OOH YAY FROGS!!!
your melody lead in very nice, puts me in that nice mood . the beats kick in and i feel the rhythm and i love it.

i really like it...keep it up oh and a name...well

i read down and i like Amazonia
or somthing long that line Paradise Tropica

keep it up


ZooSafari responds:

Mmm! Paradise Tropica 8D

Yeah! I like it man, its gonna be a tough decision!

Thanks a lot for the awesome review!

Very nice

Intro sounds like u got insperation from Safri Duo, style very similar anyway very nice song, Good chords nice atmosphere Very Euro/trance style of the track, Good mixing, nice energy. The only could have input more in the song with the melody some add leeds like piano or something keep the song more intressting, otherwise be kinda repeativ it self. Anyway keep the good job up / TN

ZooSafari responds:

Idk about the piano bro, there are ZILLIONS of trance songs that use piano XD

Thanks for the comment never the less ^_~

Very nice

I really like this one! It has such a fun feel to it that I really like.

However, there are some changes that I would suggest. The transistion between the two feels was almost to sudden. It works, but could be better. You might try having the croaking and crickets starting sooner to help bridge the gap a little more, either that or even the bass. Just some ideas. Also, I was expecting the song to go back to the original feel. I bet you are planing to do that in the final version. ;)

I do have a suggestion for a title as well. "Amazon". I see water in this song, especially with all of the arps in the begining. And the croaks and chirps really sold the idea of the Amazon River to me. More croaks and chirps might be a great idea for 2:00ish to the end. I really do see a river in this song.

It already sounds amazing! I just wish that it went back to the orginal feel at the end, kink of like "Welcome To The Wild", execpt there are animal sounds in the background instead of a roaring crowd. :)

This sound great! I can't wait to hear the final product!


ZooSafari responds:

I love your ideas man!

Hell yeah Amazon would be a great name for this song! Or perhaps something like... Amazonia? WOOT! :P

Thanks a lot for the review bro.

This is like...

Dancing around a campfire beat screaming hay ya hay ya hay ya. lol. Sounded better without the Techno part.

ZooSafari responds:




That actually got me hooked, and made me listen to the rest :P

Nice bass at 27 seconds.

I don't really like the arp at 41. Too many arps! D:

Do I hear crickets?

2:42 is sweet, I think it took to long to reach that point though, the pads took a while to build.

3:09 is catchyyyy wooooooo! :3 Needs more bass, the kick seems weak, and the bass lacks subbass.

But ya, so far, this sounds really sweet!

Keep at it man!

ZooSafari responds:


Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate the review! You're probably right, too many arps, should I take one of them out? :o

Yeep! Crickets and frogs!

I love long build ups ^^

K lets see:
Punchier kick - check!
Moar subbass - check!
"This sounds really sweet!" - check!

Thanks a lot bro, will do!


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Aug 1, 2009
9:53 PM EDT
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