Swerve - Rip

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This is Reservist with another user name, again.. I now know what Reservist means and I'm no army guy, so I thought it was time for a change. I downloaded Rig's Cardboard samplepack, and I started messing around with them and it evolved into a song. I spent about 4 and a half hours on this, so it's just a quickie I felt like sharing with NG. Put in House because it's Electrohouse.. Sort of hehe.



Not bad

Good sound effects on this one with a pretty decent beat. A bit of a different sound to it. Kind of sounded incomplete to me or like it should keep going just a tad bit more. Not really a great ending to the song in my opinion.

It has it's high points in the beginning and middle of the song, but slows down to nothing too great. Basic song all around. Not too bad not too great.

~ Review Request Club ~

Kinda odd.

The beat was really nice. I think you could have faded the melody in a bit sooner though, I was expecting it after one or two bars.

I'm not really sure about the rest of the song..The melody was fine, but when that thing came in that sounded like ether flatulence or a lawnmower trying to start, it just kinda cuaght me off guard..I'm not really sure I liked it to be honest.

The ending was simple, but nice and it fit well. Good job on that.

[Review Request Club]

Nice beat

Good fading in of the melody to the beat here. I like the way that the whole piece seems to fit together nicely. I'm quite happy to listen to this piece as I play on certain games and keep myself in a gaming mood. Certianly something that implies urgency and it would be a decent tue for driving games.

I'm not sure about what sounds like a motorbike revving its engine over the top of the latter part of the tune. Perhaps toning that part of the tune down would assist in the production, but it's something that could be viewed as a minor niggle on the scale of the tune.

[Review Request Club]

Simple, and cool

Score: 8 / 10
Summary: Simple, and cool
Review: This is a really simple track, but it's still entertaining and a pretty cool song.

Drums souonded great, with a little variety, but seeing as this is house, you should probably try some other samples as well. Just a suggestion, of course. I liked the scratch-like sound, even though it kinda ruined some transitions.

Nice intro, and nice outro. Simple and clean, which rarely sounds good, but in this case, it really does.

Work on the transitions and drums, and try to vary the melody more, as it got a little tiring. Also make sure that it's louder than the rythmics.

-=Review Request Club=-

Quite Cool :D

Not such a bad song. I'm not really into house music though, but I quite enjoyed this. I noticed a few things which bothered me though.

I'll start with the drums. Very well executed, and varied pretty well, but more variety of the drum samples would help, as Denn-C said. Still, quite awesome. The scraping sounds in it were quite strange, though.

The transitions were quite well done, like the one at around 1:19. Still, the sraping sound ruined it a little.

The intro was quite cool, and the buildups were OK. I liked the ending quite a bit, and I understand how hard it is to make an ending with drums only, so good job on that ;).

Overall, needs some work on it, but compare to some other house songs I heard, this one's quite good. Keep up the good work ;).

-Review Request Club-

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Jul 30, 2009
10:46 AM EDT
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