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RES - I Don't Care

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Hey, something new, finally haha!

This is something I had been working on for the past few days.. Give it a listen, it is not amazingly good, but in my humble opinion, worthy enough to be submitted to Newgrounds. Sorry if the mixing is a bit off, that is because the NG player doesn't seem to like my song haha. That might be the cause that the kick sounds a bit distorted sometimes.. Don't mind that =)

Reviews are appreciated much!





Really good trance song. The problem with most trance is that it's very samey and it was too long. This had a great variety and didn't over stay it's welcome. THe beat is perfect and the last part just climaxes song brilliantly. Great job

=Review Request Club=

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Swerve responds:

Thanks, for you are one of the few people that actually like the beat! It is a bit minimal in my opinion though.
Thanks for the kind words!


D: I'm going to have to repeat some stuff...

That others have said, which I apologize for, but I have to write a review of some sort. Just like everyone else said it does need a bit of variety. Vocals would probably really make this submission fun to listen to also. It was a very upbeat song and had a lot of energy to it. I do have to say that it hurt my head a little bit with the higher pitch parts, but I already had a headache. >.< I won't let that take away from your score. ;) Overall, the only downfall was how repetitive it was in the beginning. I know you already know that, but other then that pretty good job.


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Swerve responds:

Haha I would add vocals to every track I made if only I could.. Unless you want to hear my beautiful voice (better not hahaha) , or if I could find a singer that would sing to my tracks (but they are far not good enough to be sung to, in my opinion)
Thank you for your time,


Doesn't sound like you don't care :P

A nice tune, which is certainly very upbeat and a well presented piece. I would consider showing more variation, including a few more solos, without the beat to carry the tune along.

I think that it's a really nice tune, that I could see going as far as the mainstream, if only you added something like vocals to it, which would be awesome.

[Review Request Club]

Swerve responds:

The maintream.. That is a great compliment:D I don't really think it will, but thanks for the kind words!
Thank you for your review,



I'm not going to beat a dead horse (pun lol) so I'll leave the beat issues alone, I liked how you gave the main beat breaks now and then, kept it interesting, I really liked the second half, the first half is a bit too simple

.:Review Request Club:.

Swerve responds:

Hahaha thank you very much for not doing so, I have had enough pointers on that already:)
Thanks for taking the time to review!



The beat in the intro is a bit too generic for my taste. Luckily you build the song up pretty quickly, so we get something else to listen to.

The melodies you use in the song sound pretty nice, but sometimes we can hear what appears to be some static sounds (from 00:35 to 00:50 for example).

I like that you have so many breaks from the main beat. This makes the song very diversified and the main beat gets boring pretty fast. You should try to change it during the song to a more complex beat.

{ Review Request Club }

Swerve responds:

See comment below about beat. I KNOW hahaha.
Thanks for pointing out the mixing errors, I'm working on my mixing:)
And I am glad you like the breaks, I threw them in because I like parts where the beat isn't playing.. I don't know, they sound more melodic at times, in my opinion.

Thanks for the review!


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Sep 15, 2008
2:28 PM EDT
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