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In an empty desert where the winds never stop, a great battle once was held here. You are a survivor of this fearful battle. Nightmares have been haunting you for quite some time, but this ones different. It seems you can't awake, the people - the horrors you face have reappeared. They have been awakened once more.



Double meaning. Surviving a battle, and it's been eons since I last posted a comment on anything here.

A lone warrior struggles from the wreckage of a downed Blackhawk. The sickening pain in his ribs was pushing him to suicidal thoughts. But as luck would have it, that temptation was denied. Every last bullet was spent saving that life that he sought to end. After finally moving a piece of the chopper's corpse from his would-be corpse, he crawled along the war torn ground. The air smelled of gasoline, of sulfur, of blood. Unidentifiable effigies of once proud soldiers lay scattered around as if 2012 struck. The corporal could not handle what he was seeing. He lived with those people, fought alongside those people, lived for those people. His demented cries fell upon deaf ears until the clock approached dusk. Soon, our disheartened corporal had company. He died with those people, he fought against those people, he died for those people.

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Also, I sleep to ambient music. Pleasant dreams.

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punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review!

Who doesn't sleep to ambient music?

Nice & soothing

In the deep void that is my mind there is a door that stands tall. Slowly but surely the pain re-emerges once more. Sharp is this throbbing ache that consumes my head and the victims show their vile faces yet again. No one will speak, there is not a soul in this place, but my eyes.... my eyes..... They never close, they never sleep...


I'm writing this down right now, the reason I'm doing it is because my life is shortening for each second. I'm dying... But, I must press on, if you- nay, the world will have a chance to defeat them...
I know you want to , but don't, it won't do anything, you must bring them to the place they were born. once your there, look for a an old rusty box at the top of a bookcase to your left. In it you will find a parchment, it will require a sacrifice in order for the ritual to work, you must be brave, for mankind...
"If in hell you want these beasts to see, through this writing, you will set your soul free"
If a noise is heard from the door by the time your done reading, whatever you do, do NOT open! They are on to you, they know what your trying...
Quickly now, repeat these words.

Genitus liberi of abyssus

"Is universitas est non vilis vobis

"sententia meus animus may capimini vobis , EGO mos grate animadverto myself roaming atrum aulas, quam seeing vos attero genus hominum in vestri infinitas infinitio vallum"

Congratulations, you have succeded, on behalf of the entire human race, I thank you... Before they depart, they will ask you for something, just give them what they want, it will be so much better, trust me...

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Fear lies in darkness i imagine myself walking thru the misty fog on a scary night i walk in into a open field it quiet no sound or nothing. till i hear a growl of dogs hungry for blood there teeth are sharp like razors i starting running to safely but i was out now number i close my eyes hopefully they go away but i was bited screaming out of my lungs blood all over there faces till i was dead left not to be seen.

The Void

You awake. You are lost, in a trance-like state, in a pitch-black world where all instances of life are sated. Sedated, the growing sense of loneliness is all that accompanies you; a looming sense of ominous darkness torments your mind. Enveloped in fear, it seems you can't leave this place; you are trapped. So sterile, so dark, so black...There is no hope for you to ever see the rejuvenating presence of light, so why press on? In a world, a universe, an existence where you are all alone, where your only companion is the cold dark stare of the void. It's torturous to even think of a lifetime here, so vivid a construct of your senses. If only this was all just a horrible, and lonely, dream...

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punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review!

I like reading these. :)

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