Distant Town

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In an old abandoned town, lost not knowing where to go. You think you start to see things, but its just your mind playing tricks on you because you've been lost for countless days. You don't know where to go because you hear distant creatures, and noises. Coming closer... waiting...
2:56 A sudden fog covers the town, you're blinded by dust and sand.
4:08 It clears itself, suddenly realizing that you are stuck here for all eternity.

Enjoy. HQ Version here:
http://files.filefront.co m/Far+From+Home+HQmp3/;12 937828;/fileinfo.html

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Creepy yet awesome. I love it!


I love your Work. You ever Thought of Making a Game? Your The Next Akira Yamaoka. You are amazing Top Notch


if you listen for a wile its creapy and scary...

I Can Imagine ..

A dark prison, enclosed . Walls so close they are breathing on your broken soul ..
Writings on the wall, skipping time, and space . No life, only emptyness . Grey scars, glow with their ominous bellows . Almost seemingly talking to you, in their incoherent whispers .. Dark thoughts, flooded ambition, impaired knowledge . Chambers of the lost, devour your being .. Throwing you into the mist of depsair, where everything is erased from you .. You never existed ..
- Aphotic Athanasy -

punk7890 responds:

I like these deep reviews of yours :)

Thanks for another review!

Creepy -music to my ears ;) And another story!

I like the way you make this kind of music, and I think I might have a little story for it.- It's the year 2050. Throughout my life I have seen much, and lost so much more.
"Beware of that which we can not see, my son". Those were the last words my father said to me before dieing on his bed, due to unknown reasons. Various of my friends died in wars, and the remaining family I have, I barely spoke to them or see them, even my mother. The only person I cared for was my wife. I shared everything with her. Somewhere in march. 2049, she went missing.. for months I searched for her, tried to locate her, yet no succes. Most people said to me that I should let it go, that she was dead.. But I refused to believe that. So on the 13th of august, I pressed on my search, all alone. I traveled across the continents, even to the frozen wastelands, but no luck.. the last continent, which she said to be disgusted of, was North-America. I don't know why, but it was something that had to do with her past.. It's been too long. Now, a year after the disappearing of my wife, and me almost out of energy, willpower and faith, I happen to stumble upon some kind of.. ruin. I take a good look around, only to see bones.. bones.. bones. It is a graveyard.. I walk further on and stumble upon a corpse with a necklace around her neck, made out of pure pearls and in the middle a big, shiny Diamond. My worst fear becomes reality as I look at the hand, a ring on a boney finger.. I carefully remove it and look into the inside.. "Married on the 24th of octobre, untill death do us part..-" The names have worn out over time due to the enviorement, the harsh wind. I am there, kneeled down by the side of my wife's corpse, full of grief and sorrow.. cry like there is no tomorrow. I try to examin the cause of the death, yet there is no visible reason, i look closer.. actually trying to dust the bones off but then I see it, it is as if the bones of my wife have been heavily clawed into. I stand up and begin my search, I enter one of the abandoned buildings and look around, big webs made by spiders hang around.. cocoons hanging around and even bodies hanging inside the webs, I go out this building and then I see what seems to be the main bar.. I walk onto the creeky-noice making steps, I get freaked out as I enter the bar... it suddenly seems to be on fire, I try to make my way to the exit, but a firewall won't let me get out. I look behind me, suddenly seeing a couple of red eyes and a tail, red fur on black skin, hooves and horns out of it's head. The massive, fearful claws are ready to attack and as I look into the eyes of the beast, it closes in on me. I close my eyes for a minute, knowing it is done..I hear the growl.. the burning of the wood.., the minute has passed, yet the beast hasn't attacked me. I open my eyes, seeing it was an illusion, I quickly head out and fall to the ground, the bones of the fallen rising up. As I curl up I can hear their ghastly noises.., I fear for my life.. then a hand touches me and I scream at the top of my lungs, yet when I open my eyes it is only that the harsh wind has blown the hand onto me.. I stand up, fearful for the next illusion.. as I stare off into the distance, It looks like the earth begins to crack open and tentacles of rotten flesh come out.. one grabs me and swings me around, then to release me and as I fly through the air, another tentacle grabs me and wants to pull me into the abyss. I close my eyes, then again opening them to realise they are illusions. I sit down, breathing heavily.. then a light sting in my neck, then a light.. and then nothing.. I gaze off into the endless void, having no hope, no chance of going back.. I float there, sit down.. to succumb to the dark thoughts that haunt me, the evil inside me consumes me slowly.. I am a prisoner of my own body.. There is no escape.. only the dire and the grave awaits in the void.

punk7890 responds:

Yay another story from you. :)

Very deep story. Very realistic and great, easy to follow.
11/10 :D

Again I hope to hear more from you. :)

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Jan 11, 2009
3:43 AM EST
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