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Trying some new things out, this was basically a test. I'm aware its short, as its only a demo. Haven't really had time these days to work on my music. It felt good to try something different, and even though It's quite simple, its progressive and is currently my favourite work to date. So I hope you all enjoy it as much as me ;)
I do plan on finishing this song, I'll probably leave it up, so feel free to use it in a flash or whatever.

glitchy dark electro dubstep grime techno

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Loonger.. want it loonger...
Turning it into a full song, now that would be the music of real deal...

Love the change of tempo

Now this was notbad at all, it actually has alot of stuff going on and seems to go up and down here and there so you do have differant {TEMPOS} The song or tune was not that long not more then a minute or so but still i thought it was alright, maybe some improving changes would keep what you have there but {STRETCH} it out abit more so maybe it lasts longer then a min or so, I really like how you change it up and have a reall power tempo towards the end nice touch there, so anyways nice job on this one, love the fact its not just straight forward,

I would suggest making it longer maybe go up into two minutes.


MAKE MORE MINUTES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing,but im not surprised...

why must all of your songs be so short?i know theres a LOT of work that goes into making tracks,but you are too good to further sully your music with short tracks.try to make em longer and dont stop bein kick ass!

Sounds Divided To Peoples' Likings

What I love about your stuff, it never seizes to inspire and be interesting.
Your songs actually sound different; a lot of Newgrounds techno/dance artists songs are virtually the same.

axeFX responds:

:D its called style