Mario vs. Sonic (First)

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Video Description:
Nintendo's top star and Sega's brawl it out. Whom is the best? Who will win? Watch to find out!

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My Comments:
I don't like, and I'm re-doing it. Because it is starting to look like it lacks...

Watch in HQ:
http://megaswf.com/view/5 f004bba9e2bf...
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=SxRfdo2hcyc

Flash Information:
Time Duration: 0:14
Frames: 357
Layers: 15

DBZ Sound Pack
Mario & Luigi Sound Pack
Sonic the Hedgehog Sound Pack
AxeFX - Blackhole FX

Mario Battle Style
Sonic the Hedgehog
Mario Background's Customed From TSR

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Ok, seriously dude! What the heck?! Is this ALL you have to make here? Um...ok. Sure the fight was a little cool, even though incredibly short, but STILL. If you ask me, this is just a complete waste of time. Oh, and BTW, in your little "argument" with ShonowTheHedgehog, Sonic ACTUALLY got battle attacks in Sonic the Fighters, about 7 years before Sonic Battle was ever released! Oh, and if Sonic is so fast, how can Mario even attack him? Sonic would just dash about, at the speed of sound, and then kick Mario's ass faster than somebody can say "video game" or whatever. I'm just trying to make things clear, I still like Mario, but it's you dumb ass fan boys that piss me off! Honestly, I prefer SonicRoks143 version of "Sonic vs Mario (first)", because it has to share the same title as this pile of s**t. Yeah, I think I've made my point. So go study a bit more before you start an argument you sick-ass Mario fan! Mario as a "super strong being"? If you ask me, that's a little retarded. Don't you think?

Pattiasina24 responds:

I'm honestly not a fan of either. I think both are overrated and they don't really do much. I'll admit, the fight is short, and it should not have been posted. I didn't really know much at the time when I uploaded this about three years back. I wasn't smart like I am now, but now I understand what belongs here and what doesn't. This is why I haven't uploaded anything else. ^^

not to shabby

could use a little work but i can tell that u know ur way around a flash so ill give it an 8

Pattiasina24 responds:

No you.

that's some dumb shit!

any mario fans should enjoy their dreams because someone that fat could NEVER land any hits on someone who can leap 5 miles (Sonic X) in one jump, run at the speed of sound, and grind anything weaker than the earth's crust with little effort.

Pattiasina24 responds:

Dude. Think.

Super Mario is able to punch bricks and break them. He can even jump up at a metal box and force a COIN to come out. Super Mario is a strong plumber. He can even kick a Koopa Shell so that it well bounce off ANY wall and it will continue to bounce over and over until it collides into another character!

Sonic can only jump high, run fast and grind. How is running very fast, jump high or grind which will not help Sonic fight Mario at all. Surely Sonic can dodge it all, but Mario is still the stronger being. Also, they cannot be compared at all, they are both from two different universes. Mario comes from a super strength world, and Sonic comes from a fast world. They will not ever compare.

Sonic never got battle attacks until Sonic Battle. Why are super fast beings going to fight...all the game ever was, was just running. Sonic does not deserve to fight at all. Mario has been punching and kicking from the first game. Every single time Mario jumps he punches!

Ridiculous on how you believe that Sonic would destroy a super strong being!


This is from youtube! Your awsome!

Pattiasina24 responds:

Thanks man!

this is a good job

continue my friend for me you are doing a good job :D

Pattiasina24 responds:

I don't know if I'll actually get to finishing this.
I've decided to start it over because I didn't like how it was going. But, if I ever do get to starting the newer version, I'll try to finish it.

Otherwise, thank you. :)

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Oct 18, 2009
12:47 PM EDT