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Made for Septenary's game Tower Tactics : Aphelion Towers

This song is an upbeat march of our hero and the forces that march against him. A lighter note, more endearing, more adventurous!

Featuring our own Mandi vocals in this song!

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without the spaces.

With that, please enjoy!

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Love this one Maestro. It instantly had me thinking of battle between two mighty foes. I'm going to attempt a story on this one, but I've been up all night so bear with me lol.

Arkilos launched another arrow into the advancing crowd of fifteen or so goblins. He reached for another arrow from his quiver and shot a quick glance to his partner, Lyrexa. She too had a short bow and was trying to stop the advance of the creatures. They each shot a few more arrows into the mob, felling the creatures with the speed and accuracy that only comes from years of experience. Arkilos reached for his quiver and ruefully grabbed up his last arrow and laid the arrow across his bow string. He pulled the bow forward and the arrow back, drawing the string to beside his jaw bone, and let it fly. The long black shafted arrow slammed into its intended target, felling the creature. He dropped the bow and pulled out a long bladed knife, almost the size of a short sword, and ripped one of five throwing knives from his chest. He glanced at Lyrexa once more and saw her drawing her sword and preparing for battle. They charged into the fray together, and from there on Arkilos had to worry about himself and trust Lyrexa to take care of herself. He swept into the first goblin easily slicing across its neck with his throwing knife in his left hand, then he threw it into another goblin. He ripped another throwing knife from his chest as he used his long knife to parry an incoming swipe from a short sword. He spun around and decapitated that goblin as he picked another goblin near Lyrexa to launch his throwing knife into. As he finished his spin and ripped another knife from his chest he tried to use the small throwing knife to block another incoming attack; he was terribly disappointed and shocked to see it snap in two as his attacker's blade came through and dug deeply into his left leg as he tried to move away. Arkilos cried out in shock and in one fluid motion tore another throwing knife from his chest and ended the goblin that injured him as he fell. There were only a few goblins left, and Arkilos tried to shoot to his feet, only to fall due to his leg. He cursed and ripped away his last throwing knife and felled another one. Two goblins advanced on him and he swung at them both out of desperation. He scored a lucky hit across the throat of one, but the other slammed its blade into his weapon and sent it out of his grasp. Arkilos could only watch as the goblin began to pull back its sword which would end his life. He began to see his life flash before his eyes, from birth until this moment. His pupils dilated, and everything went slow motion for him as he registered with shocking brutality that this was the end. Suddenly, the goblin went limp as an object sprouted from its forehead. Arkilos glanced around, and saw Lyrexa standing a few yards away with a look of satisfaction on her face, her body still poised, and her arm still extended, indicating she had indeed retrieved one of his throwing knives and saved him. All the goblins now dead, he smiled at the woman he loved, and his heart punded furiously out of love, fear, and the shockingly terrifying thrill of battle.

Well that's all I could think of for now. I really hope you like this one Maestro, your music inspires great imaginations, and anytime I find myslef writing a short story it's to your music. Keep up the great work as always, You Never Fail To Disappoint.
5/5 DL
- Lamazar

Great Song!

Part 0.00-1.11 is used in http://www.arcadetown.com/towerstacti csaphelion/gameonline.asp
and a
Warcraft 3 map.
It'S a great song, keep it up!

Great Song

Definetely going into my movie soundtrack.

And by the way, your songs are too short. I liked the congo drums. Of course the vocals were amazing. She was the best in Dark Heavens, though.

By the way Ben, this guy isnt me. lol

Sounds kool.



But Im not exactly sure why this only has a 3 out of 5. ._. Nice work, every one of your new releases brings me a giant happy face (:D for those who need a visualization). Lol. 10/10.

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