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Author Comments

Old song I recorded, I decided I'd put it up so I could stop pretending I'm going to do things with it and move on and write more music.


I think Gravey1 is a fucking Pessimistic Bastard!

As a true metal fan, I must say that I really enjoyed This. It was a little repetitive at times, But I really headbanged to this one. But yeah I read Gravey other's reviews, Mother fucking Zero bombing mother Bitch! Man I am pissed, Your stuff is the shit!

Anyway, good job!

5/5 and 10'ed!!!

HappyHomicide responds:

Cheers! I have a bunch of new shit coming soon! check em out! also yes, fuck gravey 1

I really like this song.

It's a bit boring as Gravey1 the almighty asshole says. Still , I like it. Alot.
Quite well produced and all. Don't really like ez fuck my mum in the ass drummer. But it works. And If you don't have anything else go ahead. Gravey1 doesn't know shit about metal. I tell you. He has never EVER had a feeling about how metal should be. And it pisses me of to hell that he keeps giving people low ratings on the heavy metal scene cause He doesn't know shit about metal. Ok back to the song. Enough hating. Nice drum programming and all. But try to think about the velocitiy changes etc. Cause they sound extremly programmed sometimes. Perhaps that is your approach to your sound. But if you want it to sound "real" . Try to think like a real drummer. Other than that. Awesome. And Fuck Gravey1 in the ass.

HappyHomicide responds:

I'm glad you like it dude! Like I said though, I really just popped this out because I started it a good 5 months ago and rerecorded the beginning twice already, so I was like "fuck this I wanna be done with this fucking song fuck fuck fuck" etc etc And I'm also happy that I'm not the only one with that view on gravey. Also, this is with my old program to future recordings will have better production, and better drums!


It's Alright...

Idk man, I'm about 1:00 into the song and I hear no technicality at all really. Just really plain Jane riffs that go nowhere.

I love brutal metal, but brutal metal with a point and purpose. This is just breakdown after breakdown and nothing much more to speak of. And that isn't really good, cause breakdowns are typically for little 13 year old kids who couldn't write a real riff if their lives depended on it.

Breakdowns can be effective, but god this is just way too much. It becomes very dull after about thirty seconds. It does start getting a little more complicated towards the end, but nothing really that grabs my attention.

You should write some actual riffs that are more than just two power chords played in a syncopated rhythm. That is effective for a short term effect. A section in a song, but for the whole song to be this it is just rather annoying. Sorry to say, but the guitars are just really weak.

The drums are alright, but they follow the guitars too much. Give me some thrash beats and double bass. The kick followed the guitar riffs almost through the entire song. Talk about boring. You played maybe three chords at the max in any one riff, then had the kick play the same rhythm as the guitar riff. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooriiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.

And really, you need something else to add to this. Keys, orchestration, maybe the screams of dying children in the background. Something at least. This is so transparent it is ridiculous. Sounds like a watered down form of Lamb of God, without the vocals. Only difference is their riffs are pretty complex, whereas these aren't.

1/5 and 2/10 overall. This was just too bland for me to give any real merit to.

Best of luck on future projects.


HappyHomicide responds:

Meh, I dont like it either, I agree with you that it's repetative, I just basically wrote a bunch of crap and slapped it in a song a while ago. I put it up here so i could stop telling myself that I'd go back and fix it so i could. basically so i could go write things that deserve writing. this is crap i wrote a few months ago when i was still trying to figure out what I liked. I'll probabally end up using random riffs from this song so i can make a full song. However, you do sound like one of those biased Death metal nazis who only like 1 breakdown per album/ are more of a fan of the faster thrashey songs. Oh yeah, and your metal sucks.

TLDR Fuck this song and fuck you too.


This is pretty much one huge, awesome breakdown.
I hate you so much, you have no idea.
How am I going to write LYRICS for this?!?
Goddammit, this is SO AWESOME.
My neck hurts now.
3.36 / 5.00 (+ 0.18)

HappyHomicide responds:

Hahaha thanks dude! Please if you have time, I'd LOVE vocals in this, I cant write lyrics to save my life!

Fuck, 4 minutes.

I almost shit my panties.
First of all, I dig your tone to hell.
I fucking love this. Your style kicks arse all over the place. The stops are all clean as fuck.
Fuck heavy song, bro. Make moar please.

Current Score

5.00 / 5.00 (+ 0.0000020)

and also....

Thanks for voting, Bad-Man-Incorporated! Your experience points gave you a voting power of 6.66 votes.

HappyHomicide responds:

hahaha This song is LOOONG!!! I had to take down the bitrate so it would fit the 8mb rule! This damn song took me forever to write and I'm still not happy with it, BUT! I'm glad you enjoyed it dude! And thanks, My tone is way better since this though.

Cheers, brohanus

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Credits & Info

3.24 / 5.00

Mar 8, 2009
6:08 PM EDT
Heavy Metal
File Info
5.6 MB
4 min 4 sec

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