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-Dead Space-

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This track reminds me of the game Dead Space. It seems to fit along the lines of a space tune.


You were traveling in space, trying to fix a satellite. Something hit the space shuttle, and now your floating in space; countless days pass. After some time, you crash land on an unknown planet. Nothing, just darkness and noises in the distance... the echos of time. Stuck for all eternity.


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minecraft cave sound.mp3

Btw this is great best for reading spooky storys

"i hear roaring and screaming in the distance"

i rush to the sound of the scream only to find a crew member being eaten by a necromorph i quickly grab his gun and open fire the creature falls and the scared crew member decides to join with me. who are u the crewman asked me. i say my name's jack the crewman said my name's james lets go and find a way off this planet. we look to the east and see a giant crater and we hear more roaring from the north west and south so we decided to head east. hours seem to pass maybe days but fuck it we decided to move on and find other survivors in this unkown planet. james says we must get to the shuttles if theres any and call for help. jack says you damn right we call for help now lets fucking hurry and get home to our familys. we reached the station ahead but when we got there it was a total fucking mess body parts everywhere blood stained all over the walls and a naked guy dangling from his ankle insides eaten out. we look over and saw a crate of ammo. james went to the crate slowly. jack had his weapon drawn just in case. james open the lid of the crate and a neco appeared and beheaded james and tossed his lifeless body over the edge. jack opened fire until the necro fell. gasping for breath jack reloaded his weapon and looked down and saw james card key and picked it up and said well at least he left me something useful now i must move on and find a way of this hell planet before i get another fucking creature. hours pass jack looks for food and something to drink but jack heard something and pulled his gun out and out came three necros chasing him jack turned around and opend fire on the necros but just as he turned back around a necro appeared out of nowhere and sliced jack inhalf.

punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review! ;)

In Space no one can hear you Scream...

It Is Lovecraft In Space. Bringing the Terror of your Nightmares as you try to Pull the Curtain of reality but it is Impossible. This Music Is So haunting and Reminds me of Alien, Dead Space, Doom, The Thing, and Anything Lovecraft could of thought of. Great No Amazing job I could Not bring My Favorite kind of Music to the Depths of this Great Song. Keep up the Great Work I may want to use this While Writing Science Fiction Horror. It is the Most amazing Work i have heard. Your Up their i can See the Talent.

punk7890 responds:

Thanks for your review! :)

Who am I?

Who am I to believe in a God? As i peer across the open wasteland i feel pure unbridled emptiness pierce my heart. There is no going home, not even the slightest reminder of my past life. So here i sit, watching the suns drift day in, day out. Sometimes i imagine my wife here with me...it is comforting to tell her my feelings. Sometimes i watch the communications channel, even though I know its broken i cant help but think I will be found. I do suppose its hightime I should give up, but the human inside me refuses. how stubborn is mans will to live even if doing so is completely pointless. Today is the day I die. Our cargo is prying into my brain, reaching evermore to tell me its secrets...to free it. I have resisted this long...i must look, Even though i can see a planet cracker over the horizon...I...Must...Look...

punk7890 responds:

:( Thanks for your review!

I Turn Around ..

The skeletons in my closet are furious .. The crimes I have committed are entering through my barriers, no defensive mechanism could withstand the psychological trauma of regrets .. Shadows present themselves thoroughly, making them self known .. Screaming through your tranquil wishes for it to end .. Tearing through the sound of life, enveloping it's evil juice into your blood ..Making any attempt to go on futile .. The road stretching forever, running, never reaching my goal ..It's over.. I am here forever, and will never be free ..
- Aphotic Athanasy -

punk7890 responds:

Thats pretty deep! Thanks for your review :) I like reading stories.

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Mar 6, 2009
7:15 PM EST
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