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So Sexy(feat Bjames & L.A.)

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Author Comments


oooh yeah, Sexy

And I'm So Sexy
(and Sexy is my name)
Said I'm So Sexy
(Now Tell me What's my name)

So What's my name?
(The Ladies call me Sexy)
Said What's my name?
(The Ladies call me sexy)
So What's my name?
HD Baby. LastEncore.

& Now my car is really wack, But Atleast I'm really sexy
The Ladies fallin over, cuz the sex is just embodied
See leaning in the club bet that girl thinks i'm a hottie
she dancing real freaky,she thinking real naughty

my oldsmobile is trash ain't got no money for gas/no money
but I got plenty a cash to get ladies real fast/plenties
I know many A faker,I got plenty a haters
I can't even explain the Potency of my game

Cuz I'm really a fly n***a, That ain't no lie n***a
the females cry when they see my pretty smile n***a {They Literally cry.}
I'm just a sexy man Living life the best I can
I'm just so mean really clean it's so icy.

A rolling in the club girls tend to warm up
the n***as gettin mad cuz the ladies show me love
I keep it clean see What I Mean
is let me get up at cha, Now form a line over there

So you might get a pictcah.

hey And I'm So Sexy
(and Sexy is my name)
And I'm So Sexy
(Now Tell me What's my name)

Now What's my name?
(The Ladies call me Sexy)
What's my name?
(The Ladies call me sexy)
So What's my name?
Verse(II) Written By Hassan. (He's not here to record So I did it for him. The H in HD)
Performed by LastEncore.

Now see I love All the Girls And they say they love me too
Cuz they all say my name, When I'm walking through the school.
Now there's no need to be alarmed, you just stay real cool
cuz imma be up in the club, acting just like a fool.

When it come to getting money I don't play around N***A
You stacked all my money it'd be taller then Jiggaz
Cuz my, Car is so furious, And these Girls is Delirious
and I don't play around with no games this is Serious.

Now Get on over and I'll get right witcha
You gotta stand in line, Just to get my picture
It's so many girls, it is hard to remember
If you leave your number, on the list I won't forget cha

See, now I'm grown up, they won't leave me alone.
The girlies all on me like, my name is tyrone
See they calling up my house, and blowing up my phone
I wish i could pick em up, and take em all home.

See cuz when I put my shades on, They say I look like weezy baby
Every girl is easy baby, leave it up to heezy baby
If you wanna see me you can find me in the reezy baby,
ya girl walked in my room ,I said please me baby.

Now AJ told me bout this girl that he saw. He said she had an ass-like a beachball;
I'm suppose to see her today at the mall, it's going down like a big b***** on a seesaw.

And I'm So Sexy
(and Sexy is my name)
And I'm So Sexy
(Now Tell me What's my name)

What's my name?
(The Ladies call me Sexy)
What's my name?
(The Ladies call me sexy)
Say,What's my name?
Verse (III)- L.A.

See When I walk in the room things stop
Swag make all the girls want to get ontop.
Head held high, cuz don't nothing really vex me
especially when the girls are whispering ooh he sexy...

I Can't help it ya boi just blessed
Look to good to be gettin to stressed
Girls on my Jock cuz they wanna have my baby...
and I be siting there like...hmm maybe?

See Imma a bad mamma-jamma
Get them girls wet when
I nail it like a hamma
Have em all lined up tryna get a sample
but they all leave the room feeling a little dismantled.

Imma a sexy beast if you haven't seen one
But i aint tryna get no girls im having fun.
Bringing sexy back with my n***a Encore
BJames Give these ladies just one more.
Verse (IV) - BJames

The Definition of Sexy
Sexy is the voices that you hear that's right here singing on Encore's beat.
The Definition of Sexy
Sexy is the Swag that you see, When we walking so cool down the street.
The Definition of Sexy
Sexy is the Tude' that I got, knowing that nobodies looking better then me.
Now ya Know what's sexy?
Encore, BJames, L.A., Sexy



This song is as good as one of Ne-yo's!Maybe even better!The song was great.But I agree with louisbrady:Why would you call yourself sexy when you're a MALE.It's just weird.But overall,the song's great.

LastEncore responds:

Its because I'm vain...


You cant say YOUR sexy!? That rong man! No!

LastEncore responds:

Uh yeah I can...I do it all the time...

First rap?

So this is where you began it huh? Damn good. The beat is amazing, keeps you listening and it alternates. These dudes need to stop listening to your stuff with Moniter speakers man...Damn lol. This shit is clean. Theres only one thing that kinda went down in my mind. On the sexy echoes, its weird... They raise volume at the end of the word and it doesnt have the best of effect on me I guess lol. None the less, you killed it for the first rap. You got the beat too... Great job man...

LastEncore responds:

Yeah man...sadly I wrote that thing like in the 9th grade....yeah maybe I should tweak the echos a little bit, i think I will.

Hehehe, good.

Haha. There are a shit load of lyrics. I do have a few complaints. The echoes of the voice tend to interrupt each other once or twice. I think I heard the word "Flaccid" in there, I had to rewind to double check. It might be a tad repetitive too. The sound overall was good though. Pretty much what's to expected from you, all good things. Keep it up. I'll keep an eye out for your work.

Ah the echo.....

The beat and the lyrics are pretty good, but then the echo seriously ruins it. I'm loving it tho, just not the echo.

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3.86 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2008
10:50 PM EDT
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