The End Of All To Come

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This one took me a while to write, simply because I wanted this one to shine like no other.

Again, excuse the guitar tones, it's being tweaked. Judge the song from a songwriter's view and I'll upload samples of the new tone later on to see what ya'll think. Enjoy!

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But this is only one of the songs that used to be demos, is it not? #something.
If you still have the rest of that series of songs, PLEASE DO THE WORLD A GREAT FAVOR AND CURE AIDS/CANCER BY UPLOADING THE REST!

#21 ... how I miss you. Will I ever see you again...?

Nicely done.

Sheesh, I love this.


thats all that needs to be said

pure sick

i love this song, it's crazy good man. personally i don't see the problem with the tone, it sounds great.

you know what this would be great for

An epic boss fight:) Badass hero even baderassed boss guy destruction and chaos in the background.... yea that would be awsome:)