Daily Mouse Maze 10/27/08

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October 27, 2008

Heres today's awesome mouse maze. Theres also information inside about a collab. Click on the link to a page with more information because I really don't want to type all of that again. Please feel free to join. Also I fixed the glitch you dudes mentioned. P.S. Matthewgeorge said that I should get a different song for the maze. Should I? Answer the question as a review or P.M. me.

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All I had to do was move my cursor to both points. The detection on the walls wasn't working. Also, right clicking worked.

i uh... cheated... heh... heh...

BUT I DID FINISH THE THING 4 REAL! right after i cheated. but ya fix the right click thing. im not gonna rate it because its to short to rate... but my no rate thing means an extra 10 POINTS! YA W00T... sorry got a little *cough* ALOT carried away.....


i thought it was very good, but ya i like the little guy idea, but don't make it so that if the person hits the wall you lose. i suck at those things, plus its hard to make them stop. i donno. I'm just not capable of that. but overall ya i liked it, very nicely done!

it was hard for me

i beat it without cheating but i have disgraphia, a disease which (im not kidding) gives people bad handwritingso the maze was tough i beat it though =D


it's impossible to make a game like this without people finding some way to take advantage of glitches. one way would be to make it so you had a little person or mouse follow your pointer at an accelarating speed. i don't know how to program it, and it's probably difficult, but it makes it so if you make your mouse randomly apear on a part of the screen, the mouse will try to follow, but then it will hit a wall and you'll lose :-D

p.s. yellow???

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Oct 27, 2008
6:56 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid