Harmonics (GB)

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As with all of my musical creations at the time of this writing, this song is a rehash of GarageBand stock tracks from a computer course I took back in the 7th grade. I thought I was so bloody clever. I don't feel the need to take the music down, even though it's not really worth a damn, but I have decided to edit out my verbose descriptions.


It's okay...

but nothing special. You also seem to dish out a lot of smack in your reviews, I would probably refrain from that seeing as how your music isn't much.

Foxtrot-Zero responds:

To be a musician isn't the same as being a music lover.

I would refrain from getting the two confused.

Okay that was plain and fucking Stupid

i dont like blues either, but im not gunna fuckin Blow Blast this guy just becouse i dont like a particular genre of music

why wuold u come here?

why wuold u vote?

why the fuck did u waste 10 minutes writing that half ass review?

i have the answer...
its becouse ur a 0 Bombing Retard peice of shit who has nuthing better to do

The Same type of people who come to the Hip Hop Portal to 0 Bomb the entire front page

u seriosly need an ass whoopin...


I dont like blues either but u defenetly know wtf ur duin

this sounds completly professional

mastering is almost completly mono toned an lovely

as if family members are playing for years

well done dude

Foxtrot-Zero responds:


That was totally uncalled for.

Please. Learn to type in paragraphs. Learn to punctuate, learn to spell, learn to use the english language properly, and learn not to be a total ass.

He wasn't an ass. While he might not have a valid reason to be here, he wasn't an absolute jerk about it. While I appreciate that you like my work, I don't appreciate you flaming the living @%#$ out of another reviewer.

I'm afraid i'm going to have to flag that as abusive, and I'm going to have to remind you that I only mixed the music - I don't even know who played the music, and the mastering of the clips was done by Apple corporation, the same person who owns them.


this is more country-ish, but sounds good...

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Foxtrot-Zero responds:

Yea, i agree. It is very Country, and as little as i thought it sounded like a harmonica in the begenning, it does complete the country feel. If you changed the instruments, it wouldn't really sound that way.

Thanks for reviewing, and thanks for the 8. I appreciate it!

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3.07 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2008
10:13 PM EDT
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