(GB) Melodica II - Fox

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Here it is.

I promised anyone who read it that this song would be remade, and you can't break a promise to the internet.

If you have not heard the original Melodica, then you will find it here:

http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/220686

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The first thing to notice is the instruments.
The good old piano is back. The bass and lead guitar are the same.
The drums have been replaced for more active ones, without the clapping.
And, of course, the new guitar.

To put it straight, i thought the clapping was annoying, and i wanted the drums more active, so i replaced them. The lead guitar was too good to pull out of the picture, but it clashed with the piano, hence the addition of the new guitar. This also sort of fulfilled my need for a gritty guitar solo.

The piano is back. The song is brought in and out with the piano this time, but because of my blundering, I only had the one loop to work with. I was going to exit the song with twice the piano length, but that didn't happen, and I suppose its overkill anyway. You may recognize it as the song used to lead out the original Melodica.

The song is a little shorter, but i feel its generally less repetitive and booring. Its also less complex and has alot less mistakes, particularily the one with the piano and guitar.

Once again, the song's title has nothing to do with the instrument. This song was named as the sequel to Melodica. Melodica was originally named Melodics, with close resemblence to the song Harmonics (named after its signature Harmonica).

I'm going to see about producing some Jazz next time. The end of the school year ends, and that is the location of the programs I use, but that will not stop me from trying.

--Tyler J. Jackson



Pretty rocking track man! I can dig it! I got a few rockish track also. I love the piane going on.

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Foxtrot-Zero responds:

Thanks. Melodica II is my best work yet.

The piano is pretty much my favorite too, but I really like the sound on the Guitar (the second one, in this song).


Toe Tapping

Its not bad, Tyler. It sounds very old school, and yet classic rock at the same time.
Also, I like the ragtime piano

:) See you at school! Lol

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Foxtrot-Zero responds:

: P

Hey Nick. Yea, I like that mix myself. And, like I've said the piano is my favorite.
I'm going to try to step away from that, and see if I can get to making a techno or something.

Thanks for the review.
--Tyler Jackson
AKA Foxtrot-Delta-Zero-Zero

EDIT: Whoa, I just realized how akward this Is.

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Apr 27, 2009
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