Universal Collapse (Bass Trial

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This is a bass line I've been fucking with for a little while. Eternalreich and I are hoping to hatch this little hellfuck of a song here soon. It's sort of a trial track, so be kind on the votes please. I posted it for possible collaboration. Well, hope it isn't too harsh on the sex glands deep within your ears, and enjoy! Metal!


wow... nice job!

That was great! 2:50 i could honestly imagine a guitar or two playing to that. Better than i can do for sure and i love the bass


Ok. I must admit I've never been able to hear a bass line by itself and imagine how guitar would sound with it. So it's hard for me to judge it. Just sounds like a bunch of notes to me; like a bunch of scattered puzzle pieces. But I can respect the effort and ability behind your work.

I did like how the bass line cut out at the 2:05 mark. You didn't emphasize the cut out, but just let it happen, like slipping on ice and off the edge of a cliff... just whoops it's over.

I'm not sure of how I felt about the change after the 2:05 mark. I'd have to hear it with guitar.

Good job.

MindOverMatt responds:

Thanks dude, I appreciate it. I guess it would be hard for another musician to see how a bass line could form a song, glad this one was a little more obvious. In retrospect, I'm not all that satisfied with this recording. I changed timing halfway through the song, which was not a good idea to me. Also, Eternalreich and I are gonna be crushing this one pretty soon. The riffs will probably stay true to form, unless it conflicts with the time thing. We'll figure it out soon enough. Thanks again for the helpful advice, keep it metal dude.

Ball-kicking good!

I love this shit, man.
It's hard to find a good bass player who really knows how to utilize the fretboard to the maximum of it's potential.
I think this bass line would actually sound best under some straight power chords, instead of the guitar following everything you're doing. At least some of the time, anyway.
You use some really weird time signatures, which is something I really respect, because I've never been able to properly use anything other than 3/4 and 4/4.
I loved the chorus-y part around 2:10. Cool sounding, really thick. Good shit.
What's the tempo? Just curious, because I've never programmed drums for anything like this.
Anyway, awesome shit, bro. Can't wait to hear the rest.

MindOverMatt responds:

Thanks bro! Yeah, I actually got to go visit Eternalreich and we got a lot done. The guitars are gonna be weird, evil little serpents intertwining with the bass line. The time sigs are (don't laugh) 360bpms for the first half, and 240 for the second. While I was down with Eternal, we did get drums to it. But, still go ahead with yours. I promise I won't waste your time. Hopefully, we'll have a good deal of material to pick and choose from, creating a supreme hymn of Death! Also, some vox are gonna be needed. Interested? Once again, thanks Twilight for being a Metal Bad Ass, and for the awesome contributions and suggestions. Metal my brother


Not usual to find a good bassist! Good shit dude!

MindOverMatt responds:

Hey, thanks a lot man! Glad you took the time to listen, and for the review! Eternalreich is going to finish it up with some sick ass geetar! So, keep a look out for the full song! Thanks!


I never heard anything like this. My brain exploded! U should be in a famous metal band and make money.

MindOverMatt responds:

Wow man! Are you from Clemson? I'm actually from Charleston, so it's cool to hear from a metalhead from that area! Anyways, thank you very much for listening and the great review. Through encouragement comes ass kicking metal my friend, so thank you so much! Keep it metal my friend!

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Sep 4, 2008
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Heavy Metal
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