The Furious Yonado(Sample)

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Hello, this is a fuck around track of me and Yona(drummer of Dissent/Asheville Metal) working with Cool Edit. This is not to be taken seriously. Yona was very adamant about the fact that he recorded his drums after work in full work attire(this fucker cuts trees up for a living bitches). If you vote hatefully, he'll come to your house and cut your mom up for a living you emo scumbag! So, here it is, me and Yona fucking around with some Heavy Metal. Yona did drums live as well as guitars. I did the bass and drank beer and got a little high. So did he. If you don't like this, you're probably gay and we don't care. But thanks for being an asshole anyways. If you did dig it, maybe we'll mail you money... Probably not. Hail Satan and enjoy...


heavy man

good work
great drumms, keep making more stuff
stay heavy \m/

Sounds pretty good...

for live drums. =p
How was the beer?
Also, just thought I'd tell you that I'm working on a drum track for that song you posted a few days ago... I think it's almost done, too. It's pretty cool.
I was going to submit it and be like 'surprise!', but then I thought about it, and that's pretty ghey, haha.
If you want, I can send you the drum track by itself, and you can redo the distorted guitars and it would probably sound pretty awesome.
Just shoot me a PM or IM me on AIM if you want some help with the recording stuff.
Metal! \m/

MindOverMatt responds:

Holy shit dude, you ARE THE MAN! Yeah, I like the idea of redoing those guitars. By the way, the beer, as cheap as it was, was excellent! Thanks for checking this stuff out and being a part of it! MEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAAAALLLL LL!!!!!!

cool stuff man \m/

metal to the core. I liked the riffs, drumming was my style. keep up the cool shit


MindOverMatt responds:

Thanks, we'll be messing with more stuff soon. Guaranteed to have more length and better production. Appreciate the vote and review!

it is fucking wicked...

the song, and that you're back submitting on the AP.

Yeah, the quality is a little crusty... but fuck man... some of the maddest, baddest metal albums of all time were lo-fi. The clipping is a bit off... easiest way to avoid is using a compressor somewhere in the audio chain before it gets near your sound card... but they're not that cheap!!!

ha, man, i've got awesome images of this lumberjack dude smashing the fuck out of those drums. He's got some skills.

Hail Satan! I enjoyed!

MindOverMatt responds:

Metal dude, thanks for the listen and the good advice. I;m on my way to check out your new tune now!

Good song, bad record


Thats a very good little song but you need to check the volume in cool edit (when it got red, it clips) and i heard a lot of cliping in the track .

But with some work, this is kicking ass!
Keep up the good work


MindOverMatt responds:

I hear that man... This was sort of an exercise for me in recording drums and guitar. I've never tried real drums before and I've only done guitar once before. But I agree, it clips out alot. I tried to find a source( of the maxing) but couldn't find what exactly was doing it. And with it being so short, I didn't put a crazy amount of effort into it. Thanks a lot for the true and kind words. I'll PM you when we get another try at it. Much appreciated,

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Mar 14, 2009
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Heavy Metal
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