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hey, im posting up the full high qual full version here now. the contest i submitted to, as i realized, has a bs voting system, so im just bailing haha. enjoy, ng!

THIS IS A REMIX OF MARIAH CAREY. I AM NOT A MASSIVELY AWESOME SINGER. lol. the vocals are chopped up a bit and fx are applied, and the whole background is mine. so its very unique compared to the original--not even the same tonality nor tempo. check out the original on youtube to see how the original sounds.

note: if you listen, please vote. it'd mean a lot :) and please leave constructive crit--if you review me, i'll review back.


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Dude . ..

You are bad influence on me.. You are actually making me like carey.. That's bad ..Seriously stop.. rofl.. Dude I really perfer your version to the real one. Though i wish your bass kinda sounded deeper. i really like that synth solo.. but i wish it was longer:.I think i liked that instrumental song i previously reviewed more though..Hmm yo ! Check my stuff out when you have some free time btw.. and just because your work is too good i just voted you down .. So you burn in fire... lol kidding. Here is hard evidence= 4.33 / 5.00 (+ 0.0080)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/176110
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/176109

p4c responds:

hahaha ok ill jst give up nao!! :*] i kinda like the bass for now but ill see. hehe peace.


Listening. Nice intro. I can see it in a music video. Like the fade in from white. Expecting hiphop, but it went into relaxing rhodes house instead! WTF?! Lol, I think I like this better than hiphop.

Lessee, comments, comments. Voice sounds somewhat chorused during the chorus, and I don't really like that effect... feels a tough to wobbly.

Ah, there's my hiphop... 1:40. I don't like hiphop, but it's alright in this setting.

Ok normal piano? What the hell? :P I like. Cool soloing. Only problem is that it's panned far to the right, which offsets the balance a touch. You could solve that by panning the vox slightly left, to balance it out. Or you could just center the solo.

One last negative comment before the positives: Mixing sounds a touch off to me. Could use a bit more bass, and maybe a bit less treble for a touch of warmth.

Now, positives. I really like the bare bones section at 0:30. I'm really partial to well played rhodes, even if they are panned oddly.

The bass, even though it's really simple, is also nice, and I love that pitchbend on it! Fits perfectly. Used well to create tension and release.

I can't say I've heard the original, so I can't compare in that respect, but it seems that you used a lot of the source. Sounds quite professional, like a pop remix of it. I approve.

Just a note: If it's signed to Warner, don't expect me to buy it! :P

Anyway, I hope this review helps. Mind checking out my most recent track: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/174208

Thanks! :D

9/10, because we're not perfect, are we? and 5/5

p4c responds:

haha you know it! the house is where its at :D

yeah, the chorus isn't chorus'd, carey's original already had an effect like that and i jst split it into two channels and panned them to extreme sides to make room for the main vox, so teh wobblyness mgiht just be her voice hehe. or maybe not.

ive also had trouble balancing panning since i don't use headfones or monitors or anything so i can probably fix that if i sat down with one of those :) but yeah, ill take the mixing advice into consideration.

finally, don't worry--its signed to the universal music group haha

thanks so much for the thorough review! stuiff like this really helps, il see ur stuff in a sec.

Title needs work

It's not a bad remix, but to be honest, the title really does need some work - Why not just call it 'Lovin you long time remix' - people will learn your name by the quality of your work, not because you've plastered your name everywhere.

I think that this piece could use some reduction in the static on the vocal samples, which would really improve it. Maybe a long instrumental section, which would show off your own work, rather than the vocal talents of Mariah Carey as well.

[Reivew Request Club]

p4c responds:

well, i don't think title-criticism of that nature is really much of a review, but in response, i didn't write it out since theres a maximum size to the title name, so i fit in every character i could. i put my name on the beginning of it for the very reason you said--people would learn the quality of my work, so if they actually know something is made by me, it's recognizable by the little information given in the audio portal's front page.

in terms of quality, i can try finding a better acapella. this one was in 128 kbps posted on carey's site, so i couldnt do very well on enhancing hte quality of that. and sure, i can make an extended version of this, its pretty short as is lol. but that'll be done later, if ever.

thanks for looking!

good song

i hate mariah carey but you've created something masterful from her crap songs, everything in this song went perfectly with everything else, and the amount of effort you put in this shows, because in my opinion she gave you very little good to work into a brilliant piece of music, great work

.:Review Request Club:.

p4c responds:

im glad you liked it! this probably took the most effort i ever gave on a song, probably. i guess it paid off? :)


I can't tell how much I hate Mariah Carey. But I like what you made out of one of her songs. The intro is really great with those overlapping voices and I'm glad to hear that later again in the song.

I also liked the background beat, it fits the vocals very well. Good job!

{ Review Request Club }

p4c responds:

haha thanks for takin a look even though you detest her :) lots of effort put into this one, glad you liked it. :)

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Aug 30, 2008
12:43 PM EDT
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