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The Black Monster

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Part III - The Black Monster :

...After my secret moonlight journey with the Silver Monster. I returned to the shore, yet again. I wanted to see him. I wanted to know what was behind his glowing eyes...behind his silver mask. The evening was warm tonight, and the waves beat the shore relentlessly; restlessly. There was a storm moving towards the city here. You could see it stretching miles. Dull grey clouds beckoned to be poked open. The construction of these clouds where much like the waves below them. Rolling. Relentless. Restless..

That's when i saw it...

Another mighty beast unlike the one i had made friends with some nights ago. His head slipped out from between clouds baring a similar look to the Silver Monster. His eyes where glowing white. The rest of his body was a dark void. A haze of limbs. He spread the clouds apart and slipped out ponderously. As soon as he hit the water, he was at the shore. I have no idea how he managed such a task. As he stood upon the wet sands, i could make out his splash falling effortlessly behind him..

I couldn't tell this ones intentions. I couldn't find any sort of connection with it. He made my heart sink with an unbearable cold. His empty white gaze bore straight through me. It felt as if he was going to snatch my soul from right where i stood. I slowly backed away, my toes digging deep down into sand. His hazy limbs rose and blocked out my sight, i could see nothing but a fuzzy void. I could barely make out the horizon as his tentacle like limbs wavered in front of me. I turned to run and fell, instantly to my face. Most of the impact on the underside of my chin. I scrambled to gain composure. I didn't look back, i couldn't look back. The fear instilled inside me now was far to great. I have never felt anything like this.

I started for a run and fell instantly. I could barely feel this Black Monster's grip. It felt as if shadows had grabbed for me. Before i knew I had a shifted, upside down view of the clouds. Now, here, as i waved my body around unbalanced, the sky was the sea, and the sea was the clouds.

As i scrambled helplessly about, i was turned...and to the Black Monsters illuminated white gaze i was locked. He had no mouth; no nose; hair; ears. Nothing but large bulbs staring through me. I couldn't scream. I couldn't fight back. I swayed over the clouds helplessly...what did this thing want. I twisted more and caught a glimpse of the city, its halo of light far into the sky, then was back at his eyes again.

...I had a feeling he wasn't staring at me any longer, he was staring through me...to the city.

It began to rain.

( I had a lot of fun doing this one. Its a fairly dark piece, with a hint of classiness. which was a nice change for me. I've been making fairly dark sounds lately...cant quite place why. Odd moods; thoughts.. The breaks go nuts after the jazzy storm swell. This goes hand in hand with The Silver Monster and Moonlight Walking Through Misty

(Legend of Dragoon love)

The Silver Monster:


The Gold Monster:


The Masquerade

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It's a trippy, chill-out tune with an addictive beat. I could listen to this for hours

Lapse responds:

Thanks, man. Listen as long as you want :D

I agree with Mechabloby.

IDM is so versatile as a genre of music and can be stretched to lengths and fused with so many genres of music. This song is amazing and your use of the Amen break makes me jealous as an IDM musician myself. If I can ask, did you use an amended Amen break or the one that was in the track by the winstons. I mean it's just so good, it's unbelievable in my opinion. 11/10, probably my fave NG tune to date ^^.

Lapse responds:

I agree. Its a really great genre. I try to shy away from sticking with any one mode of subconscious portrayal. I believe the glitch will always be a part of what I do. There's just something about working with imperfections that I find wonderful. A borderline perfectionist working with imperfection. Ah-ha. As far as the Amen, I did not use an amended. The drum work I sequenced piece by piece. It was a pretty raw cut of the break. :)
I think it fits the overall old-school jazz sound. (And just to plug) If you're intrigued by my sound check out my home page and read my latest blog pertaining to the release of my first album (As of yesterday!). Oh, and one more thing - give "The Silver Monster" a once over if you would like. Its a slightly older version of that track though and has since been updated extensively. Its got a bit of a jazzy vibe.

This is why I love IDM.

One minute it could be something brilliantly sinister, but the next it just completely changes the mood. I love this. 10/10

Lapse responds:

Thank you for having a stay in this space.

awesome track

sick stuff man, very nice. love the glitch.

Lapse responds:

thank you


I have never heard something so beautiful and unique.
I LOVE this song!

Lapse responds:

Thank you : )

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4.92 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2008
11:46 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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5.1 MB
3 min 42 sec

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