Metal Slug-Apocalyptic Warfare

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Apocalyptic Warfare

Like a lyrical kamikaze
They brought it on me
Coming down harder than a fifty foot tsunami
but im over the top
see the shadow
feel the drop
from a mile away
they say the blast from my shockwave
read a 12. duce on the the Richter scale
bulletproof-istical I know ill prevail
But ill be ready rock
Not even a glock
Will stop my drive In all a these games to survive

exchanging blasts
to my left an my right
one grenade simply placed
an there all gonna be outta sight
one thrust of that blade
an hes out
an I got it made
from behind they attempt to flank
but im ahead of there game

I got the hook up on the mobile artillery
Slip in the top of my tank
No motha fuckers be killin me.
Got my eyes on
who im blastin next
gonna rip you limb to limb
like a defenseless little insect

infinite continuous slugs
tryin to go into us thugs
but were stronger than steel
and we conceal ammunition
and reveal inhibition
to bitches with opposition
and intuition for competition
inside our mission.

So take your retaliation and acclamation
That you have a chance and shove it up your ass
You went from first to last
im gonna advance on this level until I reach the boss
paint a better picture for you than Bob Ross

player two got my back
we know the enemy lacks
the knowledge skill and will to kill the team that attacks
cause were double strapped
trouble capped all day everyday
a trail of destruction nothing stands in our way
untouchable spread shot...
mow them down like my yard
the battles we win leave your society scarred
cause we gone like the wind
and were just startin to begin to
ignite the flare

Apocalyptic Warfare!

As we creep through the jungle
in search of your base
hell from the sky breaks loose in our face
helicopters be buzzin above
showin no love
earthquake ground shake
tryin to draw the end of
the line but we did it easy
got a RPG floatin in a tree for free
so mess with with me and see that either way ill find a way to make your body decay even if its today

savin all the hostages
there hookin us up
now I got a fully automatic gun
my arsenal fluctuates and regulates
terrorist-ical intention
now we'll storm there gates

tanks be blastin
radioactive retribution
in every direction
diabolic execution
firey balls emit from the sky
leave you burnt and fried alive
just a smoldering corpse waitin to die

take the battle underwater
we got submarines
lookin through my scope and at my radar screen
hella torpedoes be launchin in your direction
an the enemy subs fell the wrath of deception

when were cruzin undetected were bringin hell
now were back on land and its hard to tell
if these things that lurk are even human or if there alive
I know that I got enough ammo to survive

Got the metal slug vechile 00 1
Its taking your fun
im using this gun
to reign terror in the night
with all of its might
fly you across the screen like a kite
what do you you mean
we ran out of lives

common man are you serious you don't have a quarter?
Yea brother I really am out of change I guess its a GAME OVER

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dude this is the best rap ive heard in a long time screw 50 cent you just pwned all of his music combined

pure poetry....

Bringing the game that showed us that slugs are more dangerous than they sound into pure poetry. You just described how I feel whenever I play metal slug!

Woooow! Epic song for an epic game!

Seriously! You blew me away when I heard the rhymes, read the lyrics, and listened to the beat! This is going to be on my iPod for real! Best rhymings ever!!!! Great job man!! :D

Just awesome!

The vocals could use a little work but those ryhmes were of da' hook! And the beats were sick! I love the lines about Bob Ross and running out of quarters! I know how ya' feel man. LOL. I hope to see more of your work comin' my way!

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May 1, 2008
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