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This song is chapter one of the Puppy Dog Tales. A collection of songs which will be put onto an EP a collection of sorts> The song itself led off a very basic pick, the G, C interchange that occurs right at the beginning and remains through out. Using my fx pedal I crafted some sounds around, The straight/reversed chordal guitar, a mini lead and a hammond style bass. The drums are from ezdrummer. There is a little harmony from myself, reversed and delayed.

I haven't really had a chance to make music for a while now, what with my new job and sorting out moving and my teaching lark, but when i have the time i will try to put more music up. Signs of the rust are evident in the mix on this song. A little dull in places. I believe it needs some brightening. Ah well. Please share your thoughts and opinions, constructive criticism is the order of the day.



"Just a little short of professional..."

Percussion IMO should not stop completely at :29 and 1:12... leave like a quarter note hi-hat or something.

I agree with Chron on maybe diversifying... at 1:45 a guitar solo would be much appreciated. The beginning and ending however, I feel are effectively simple.

Just a little short of professional... needs vocals, which I may or may not provide. :) Depends on how crappy I sound.

pitbulljones responds:

Hey G9, Maybe you're right with regads to percussion, a ratatat would have worked pretty well, but I do prefer it with gaps, especially early on. haha yea, 1.45 does suit a guityar solo, im in total agreement, I aint a fret wanker, i can riff away but solos aint a massive thing of mine, then again I only need 20 seonds worth a most...hmmm good spot.

Hey bang vocals on all you want, if you work in cubase I'll send you the project files.

thanks for the review.



implementation of some things sound a tad unpolished - love what you're striving for here though - but once again - NO VOCALS - however I know just how hard it is to get vocals - and you do have that wailing going on in the b/g - but it's not enuff! :P

also need some diversity - dont be afraid to mix things up a bit :)

I hear some reversing to - interesting.. ending and beginning imo need more work tho..

neways you're improving as always :P


pitbulljones responds:

Thanks for the review chron. Yea i felt a little inspired after reading the stone roses biogrphy, tried to capature a little bit of that sound, 'saccharine pop'. Early new order style riffs too. Definately borrowing from my heritage here being a manc and all. Yes it needs vocals, I can't sing mate, and any who can well i doubt they'd suit what I'm aiming for.

I agree,i could have shifted this up, but when you based the song on a little pick that you were dithering about with for a minute before thinking 'oooooh i'll record that' it gets a bit hard, needless to say though it is quite a short track so there would be space in a remix to do a chorus and shit. Indeed thers some reverse, you'll notice any guitar work i do i use a little to a lot of it.

Thnaks for the review.


love it , full scorre and download

kepp up the good work

pitbulljones responds:

wow. thanks. It usually takes about a year for me to get 3 reviews lol. seem to have a bit of a right note on this one. Many thanks for the review.


This song sounds amazing, the guitar, the drums, the bass.
You got it exactly right with this one.

Very relaxing.

Want more.

pitbulljones responds:

Thanks for the review. Appreciate the kind words. I reckon the track can benefit from a bit of mastering, There's quite a bit going on in the mid section (eq wise) which muddies things up a tad. It definately has that relaxing vibe though, i agree. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the review.

:D cool

it was super cool :D
and relaxin :)

pitbulljones responds:

Thank you for the review, glad you enjoyed it.

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