Moonlight's Last Dance

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As a full lily-white moon reflects on a glassy black lake, two spirits unite and share one last dance. When dawn arrives, it will all become just a dream.


Pretty great, needs percussion

I think to satisfy this song's goal, some timpani and tubular bell parts would go a great way. Also, redoing the guitar parts on a real guitar would sound unreal. Nevertheless, pretty amazing!


I love the conversation between the guitars. Or is that a harpsichord? Anyway very well done!

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LadyArsenic responds:

Thank you very much. They were guitars. ^_^

Very Inspiring

Had my Flash training not failed, I'd use this near the ending, When The main character kills the very women he loves in order to give into his spite and hatred and slay his father for all his wrong doings. If my life ever makes yet another U turn and I learn Anime style, Your always gonna be my first call for Music composistion

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LadyArsenic responds:

-^ ^- Aww, thank you very much! And... o_O Ouch. Poor lady.

2 small things

I thought the plucked instrument (the guitar or lute or something) was a little heavy handed, and the high notes of the violins were a bit hard to bear but apart from that, very nice work. The sort of chords and harmonies you used sorta reminded me of Sword of Mana game.
One last thing- did you use classical vsts for this because I have none and consequentially am extremely limited if I try and do classical stuff. Just asking..

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LadyArsenic responds:

Well, I wanted the guitar to sound heavy. There was no main instrument in this song. Just two dual ones in a whirling symphony of lost control. I didn't really use my head when I wrote this song; just my heart.
I actually used Fruityloops for this. =/ Sorry Charlie.

- Lady Arsenic <3


Very haunting, has a very nice language. The strings remind me of some of Setu-Firestorm's early work. My only problem was the solo instrument, with which I had two quarrels. The melody was very difficult to make out, whereas the melody is often terribly outspoken in deeply classical styles. The other was simply the fact that it was a guitar. Personally, a piano is a very moving and haunting instrument in the night. Perhaps this is because of my preconceived notions of an ideal piano song because of Beethoven's Sonata 14, "Moonlight". But it was certainly a very enjoyable piece.

The final chord is the dominant chord, no? It sounds like it should be a fifth down, most songs generally end on the tonic. (just jotting down little things as I notice them.)

But a great job, 5.


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LadyArsenic responds:

^ ^ Thank you very much for your kind words and generous scoring. I know this isn't exactly the way classical music should sound, but it's the way I like to write. I like to give the people out here a taste of something completely and utterly new. No melody needed to be established to emit the passion in this song, and I chose a guitar because it sounds more like the moon for me in that riff. Anyway, glad you enjoyed!

- Lady Arsenic<3

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Jan 27, 2008
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