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Look to the stars in the sky but the clouds shade the moonlight.
Soul search and try to decide if everything will be alright,
Touch my heart deep inside

Sleepless nights restless and thinking of every endeavor,
Watching my life unwind just like a ball on its tether.
Is this forever?

Will my dreams fly as high as I thought?
Do I have a place in this life?
Is there a reason for why I have fought?
Will my Innocence die with my strife?

Look at myself in the glass, but I don't see my reflection.
Who is this woman I see? Have I gone the right direction?
Have I reached perfection?

Time to let go of your hand and let my journey commence.
Unanswered questions on life's road, but I must go thence.
Pray keep my Innocence.

Yes, hello, hello
I promised I would never come back to Newgrounds again, but I think for once in my entire time here, I actually have something to say and share with you guys. This song is very special to me, and I focused much more on the emotion of it than I did on the clarity or even the beauty of my voice. I did not try to sound beautiful, nor did I try to sound professional. This is the Mandi I want you to know. The untamed untrained human girl that I am. =) Enjoy.

With love,
Mandi <3


Easy on the ears

You have a sweet-sounding voice. It gives a heartfelt and yet light quality to your song. Well done.

And another great piece

and here is once again another great piece, i really hope you dont leave us as your music is so pleasent to the ears like this particular song very welldone, there was some scratchyness in the backround but that could have just been the mic possibly, but regardless you are an amazing singer with an awsome voice keep up the awsome work.

I heard a slight scratchyness in the mic i could be wrong though.


Wow, hmm

I like how part way through you find your voice :)
I like and dislike your inflections on certain words like inocence, but I think thats due to you trying to keep with the tune of the song.
(sorry, I am just very opinionated so don't take it personally :P I will say something about anything just to say what I think about it :) )

Keep it up!

LadyArsenic responds:

Thank you for your input. Lyrics definitely are not my strong point, so I apologize for not having the best inflections. =/ I was always mediocre at poetry. Anyway, thank you for listening!

With love,
Mandi <3

Lovely. Thank you.

I loved every second of it. If this review sounds a touch strange, it's because I've been awake for 45 hours, and am still surprisingly coherent actually.

I don't hand out tens very often, even to the top artists here. It's because a ten, for me, is a statement. It says you've captured something. This isn't the mightiest epic piece, it aims not for perfection, nor does it claim for the heights of musical talent.

Instead, it simply says, you. Because of that, you've done what so many have failed to do. Capture a being in your piece. It's hard to explain. But essentially this piece is alone in Newgrounds. And I doubt I will ever hear one like it. For giving us a piece of yourself, and for sharing this, I cannot thank you enough.

Thus, in a way, this review will be less of a musical review, then simply a farewell to one of my favourite music artists here. I am sincerely sorry to see you go, and will miss hearing your voice in songs here.

To answer the unspoken questions you ask in the song, and I imagine every day of your life.

Yes. You will fly high, higher then you've ever dreamed. You are not only a lovely individual, but you have a special talent, and ability to express yourself with it. You are unique, but not alone in the world.

The world IS there for the taking. It isn't going to be easy, life never is. In fact, it will be downright brutal. But if you persevere, push on when you feel you cannot continue. Take those extra steps when you just want to sit down and give up. Get up when you get knocked down, and there will be nothing you will not be able to accomplish. This isn't just encouragement, this is a guarantee. A promise.

I've been on the interwebz for long enough, and have seen enough talent to recognise it when I see it. I've been at this for long enough to tell when someone is truly unique, or whether they're just another average joe. You are not only talented, but are uniquely so. You have everything you need to succeed. You just have to get out of bed each day and stoke the dwindling fires in your heart. You've already got plenty of songs under your belt, and thus a solid history.

I know the questions you are asking, for I ask them myself every day. To me, time slips away through my fingers, and desperation grips me that I have not done enough. Or anything at all.

My accomplishments to date add up to a grand total of practically nil. And do you know what answer I always give myself?

Yes. You can do it. You just have to sit down and do it.

Because that's what it comes down to, hard work and perseverence.

You can do it.

You just have to sit down and do it.

Your dreams are there for the taking, if you'll invest in the effort of doing so. There is a truly wise saying amoung the chinese.

A thousand mile journey begins with one step.

Life is a journey, your dreams are a journey. Your aspirations are a journey. They must all begin with a single step. And you must take each one step at a time. A painting is completed stroke by stroke, just as a song is completed note by note, and a book letter by letter.

You DO have the talent. You DO have the skill. You ARE unique. You WILL make something of yourself. But you have to work for it.

To define yourself amoung your peers, you must first understand what defines you. You must know what makes you you. What makes you different from them, what makes your work different from theirs.

With that understanding comes knowledge of self, and a understanding of self. It grounds you. Because you know who you are, and what makes you unique.

The search for perfection is a costly journey. As is the search for understanding. I would gladly cast away much of what I know, if it were not for the knowledge that that is what is slowly but surely forging a better individual. It hurts to create art. But the prize at the end is priceless.

One life has ended. A new begins, a harder life, but a better one. So I sign off, keep fighting, keep working, keep trying, and you will make it.

Sincerely. Krayon.

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LadyArsenic responds:

My goodness.

You have rendered me speechless, Krayon, but I will do my best to say something in return.

I actually finished writing this song the day I graduated highschool. I had been writing it all the prior week, not because I wanted to. But... because I had to. I didn't know how to ask these questions, or who to ask them to. I was -so- scared of growing up. So terrified of the real world.

The questions and feelings, they just got stronger and made me suffer more and more. That is how this song was born. I took all of my fear, all of my loneliness and pain, and released it. That is why I didn't try to sound beautiful, or make this song sound like anything great. Simply because if I did, it wouldn't be how I felt anymore. Fear is not beautiful, and neither is pain. But... because I showed them to the world, I thought... maybe I could be.

Your words have given me hope. Not for the future, not for an easy life. But hope in myself. I definitely will keep fighting, there's no doubting it. I will go down fighting if that's what it takes to prove that this is what I need to do.

I'm so happy that one person --- just one person, even--- understands the real meaning of this song. It's not supposed to be beautiful because, well, life isn't. I didn't want to show them a beautiful song. I wanted to show them... a beautiful me.

So thank you, Krayon. Thank you for seeing me inside of the song. Thank you for hearing my words, and sharing my pain and fear. It means the world to me. And most importantly, thank you for listening.

With love,
Mandi <3

A beautiful End

The sound is good and the guitar does nicely compliment the music. This is a good solid song that hits home in it's simplicity which is something that I really enjoy. I dislike songs where there is a voice and the rest of the music is too busy, this allows the voice and music as simply compliments.

Also, your leaving seems to be a bit of a theme with a lot of the artists I love on newgrounds. Whether this is life or them leaving, I know not but it's getting longer and longer between the songs of artists like milkman-dan and Hania, who produce the beautiful music like this. I say we raise 3 glasses, 1 to this beautiful song, 2 to your future, and 3 to those songs we will never hear on newgrounds. :'( I have but one last request of updating your page on Newgrounds to tell us what you're in, when you get in something.

LadyArsenic responds:

Thank you very much. Simplicity was indeed what I was going for in this piece, for it is about having to very reluctantly leave my care-free and simple life. I wrote this piece about 3 days before graduating high school, so this song is basically about my fear of growing up. But yes. I will definitely let you know if something is going on in my life. After all, I have no hard feelings for you Newgrounders. =) Thank you very much for listening.

With love,
Mandi <3

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