Nostrum Atrum Ago

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Title is "Our Dark Lives" in Latin.
I could still do so much more with this track, but I slaved away on it for almost 2 weeks now so I've had quite enough as is. This is a heavily modified adaption of the piano piece I wrote as a sophomore, which was my first attempt to write. I like it well enough. It definitely took longer than anything else I've written, partially because as people reviewed my other songs I attempted to fix the inconsistencies they noted which where also present in this NEW masterpiece! Hurray for self-improvement!
If you use this piece for anything, on newgrounds or off, please pm/email me to tell me about it. I'd love to here how my creation influenced yours!
Please Rate, Comment, and Enjoy!

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that this song sounds like Stop Motion Symphony submitted by another artist. I hadn't heard that song until after I wrote and submitted this track. I now realize they sound very much alike, but can assure you all similarities are totally coincidental.

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This sounds like shit!

I always liked sad music and you still made me hate this song.. lol...
I don't think that this deserves even a one, but I'll be gentle, since I can't vote less than one on 10. Plus the noobish hiphop beat also sounds like shit. In fact, that's the part I hated.

.....wow man!

I was readin the reviews and came across the word "bastardized". I LMAO'D SO DAMN HARD! But for real though, this doesn't really feel hip-hop to me. Seems.....latino flavored, with some strange spices, ........THROW SOME SALT ON THIS BITCH!. But yeah it's a great track, but it's hard to find "hipness" (lol) in it!

I do love that flute in the end! That won me over, although it wasn't perfect, the last note in it was really high and kinda painful!

But I'm glad there's someone else here who uses real latin phrases, NOT THE ONES FROM SUPER SMASH BROS. BRAWL!

Also ....it does sound like megaman x! Coincidence I'm sure!

Very elegant piece needs, a lot of work in the EQ area, and maybe some sort of bass would help win the "haters" over! ...........and um........bla bla bla!

Good job!

timpinisucks responds:

Thanks for the advice. Can you tell I don't really mix shit for EQ? Yeah, so can everyone else. Whatever, amatuers have the biggest dicks.

Amazing song my man :) I really do enjoy it my man

Very well made bro :) the entire composition is just well put together. All the dynamics, the melody the instruments it all comes together beautifully

timpinisucks responds:

Thanks alot. I really put some time in the balance.

dude honestly

this is not even hip hip or anything close at least ours was hip hop wtf is this ??? this sounds like some depressing soap opera where johnny finds out that catie aint going to make it out the comma this is garbage homie where the fuck did you find those instruments anyway and why would you use a retard on a hip hop beat this has not hip hop elemts at all im just being honest you have a wierd way of describing hip hop maybe they do that in your world but this is the real world use something catchy and smooth

timpinisucks responds:

One word. Punctation. It helps other, more intelligent people read your belligerant off topic rants.

Is this not copyright infringement?

The sound is good and all, but you totally have software someone else made, entirely for the "Beat 'You' made". You deserve none of my respect, even if this is allowed.

Dont bullshit a track because it has someone elses beat on it. And you wont get bad reviews. You said we deserve none of your respect because we used a industry beat for NON-PROFIT use.. nor did we use it to gain anything personally from it. Do you have any clue what a mixtape is? Do you know that its normally not SOLD... its GIVEN to the studio, so they know what we sound like. Where the hell have you been? Under a rock?

The software your usin' is someone elses. You didnt make that. The clothes your wearing are also someone elses... You didnt make that either. The computer you're using was made by someone else as well. Shit, you must be a fuckin' walking billboard of things that ARENT YOURS. We have talent, we used it.
Just because we based it off someone elses music does not mean we stole it.
It doesnt mean shit about talent. Review properly please. Trashing someones music because we used ONE beat that came from the industry means nothing about lyrical talent. You want us to stop usin' industry beats, how about collabin' with us? Provide us something to rap on. And if not, at least review it right and tell us what were doin' wrong; Dont hate in two sentences and dont give us ONE star and expect us to be happy. You expect better, how about grow up and show it.

timpinisucks responds:

Though I respect your request for a more thoughtful and constructive review, I can't help but get over the fact that your central argument is totally off base, especially since directly preceding your sentiments about my review on your song, you left an even worse review on mine. Having your friends zero bomb me in an attempt to make yourself look better is really classy too. You may think you're showing me up, but you're really just making yourself look like a fool.
On a side note, for someone who prides himself on his rapping abilities and "lyrical talent" you have effectively and completely bastardized the english language in your last post, and there's no indutry beat for you to hide behind this time.

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Jan 19, 2008
2:24 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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