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The Eternal Symphony

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I wrote this part of this song and then realized that it was in the same key as part of a Beethoven piece (the name escapes me) I can play, so I combined the two and added plenty-o-extra stuff aswell. I actually played the piano for this track, it wasnt typed in with the keyboard. Normally the Beethoven sounds much different but I slowed it down and doubled the length of the chords. Rate, Comment, Enjoy.

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Great Work!

I have to preface by admitting I'm totally ignorant of the Beethoven piece (and most classical music for that matter), but I really enjoyed this. Your piano playing is excellent and it really holds the piece together as it changes. The drum programming was great, too (I'm sure this was NOT written by Beethoven), the only suggestion I would make is maybe to try fading the snare and hi-hat rolls in slightly.
I was caught completely off guard when the turntables came in at the end, but in a good way, it kept things exciting. Also I don't usually go for turntable samples, but that is because most people who use them select a single sample and repeat it endlessly while real record scratching is more loose and free-form, which is exactly how this sounded.
I agree with the other reviewer that some more dissonance and distortion would have worked for this piece, but as you have heard my own work you can correctly assume I'd say that for the majority of what I hear on NG.
All in all, the combination of classical melody, electronic beats, sound effects and turntables gave this a cool, surreal type feel. -5

timpinisucks responds:

Easily my most positive review I've recieved on any song. Thank you for throwing roses at my feet. I'll keep your suggestions in mind!

Same key? It's the same melody, same everything.

This isn't too original at all. It's just Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique slowed down. The G-Ab-F#-G Motif is also stolen.

It's decent. I suppose. It's not really a symphony, as there's not a main theme, and there aren't 4 movements, but yeah.

It's kindof an insult to Beethoven's Genius.

I'll give it a 3 and 5 because Beethoven wrote it, and I respect him as a genius.

timpinisucks responds:

Just to clarify, though I thought I was clear enough in the description. I wrote the song FIRST, then realized it was in the same key at Beethoven's Sonata, which I can also play on piano, so I combined the two and added my favorite part from the sonata at the beginning and slowed down later through out the piece. You can argue that I copied the best parts if you want. I did, and I'm not denying it, but I still think it sounds cool, which is my point anyway.

Rob Dougany, very nice!

Cool intro. I like the classical fused with modern-day stuff. This IS very rob dougany. Very nice buildup going up to 1:05... but then I kind of felt let down when the strings came in! It's a nice touch but I was really craving for a huge intense boom that sent adrenaline rushing through me with percussion suddenly pounding and effects rushing in as the volume increases and dissonance rises!

Don't be afraid of using too much distortion and dissonance, for this song it would have been perfect.

You had good percussion that was original and creative... which I liked. Many people overlook the percussion and consider it unimportant, but to me it's just as important as the melody!

You had fun with the piano, but I think you could have had a bit more fun! At 3:10 NICE JOB! Perfect blast of intensity with that new effect. Only problem was everything should have been much louder at that part but only that effect was! Good job and I think if you did something similar to this in the future you'd do an even better job!

You chose pretty nice chord progressions to carry out and a good choice of instruments. In retrospect: once again the main thing to work on I believe is volume and instrumentation.

timpinisucks responds:

Thanks I appreciate the indepth review, I'll incorporate all your thoughts into my future work. Ironically I really don't like the drumbeat that is present throughout most of the song, and the other one is too latin-y, butthere both still pretty fun.
Thanks again. Good luck on your search for the perfect AMV song.

interesting piece

yeah it really is.
i like the rustle in the beginning..
some tunes are just not what I would call "i love it", but it's pretty nice anyway!
looking forward to hear more by you!

timpinisucks responds:

Thank you very much. I appreciate the time you took to write this, and I hope I can bring you more tunes to listen too.

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Jan 10, 2008
4:28 PM EST
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