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Exact Justice

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Author Comments

On one random day in autumn, the Grand Spirit, creator of all spirits and the universe itself, tasked Karma with his most difficult assignment yet.

He was to disguise himself as a twelve-year old boy and spy on a kid named Liam at a private school. The Grand Spirit claimed this mere mortal was responsible for the countless murders that have happened in the school's town. He was also somehow evading the Grand Spirit's watchful eye.

With his axe ready to slice through this filthy human piece of trash, Karma immediately accepted the Grand Spirit's request. He was expecting to quickly catch the kid red-handed and annihilate him on the spot, but as it turned out, Liam was a challenge to expose. On the outside, he was just a snarky teachers' pet, but Karma knew that something was off about the kid from the moment he first laid eyes on him. His soul was as black as a raven. Karma just had to find a way to rip that mask of his off.

Anyways, time dragged by slowly after Karma's first day at the school. He had spent several weeks there already, blending in as the "new kid", while keeping a close eye on Liam. The spirit took every available opportunity to befriend him, knowing that at some point, the kid would accidentally let his little secret out.

But on one dark, Thursday night, Karma caught Liam sneaking out of his dorm. To keep as quiet as possible, the spirit morphed into a moth and quickly flapped after him. He then saw the kid enter what appeared to be an underground bunker. It was hidden in plain sight. Karma wondered why anyone would even think to build that there.

Once Liam came, then went, Karma hurried inside and gazed upon a truly horrific sight. Now, Karma has witnessed the worst of the worst, but this wasn't far from it.

Almost a hundred bodies were present and clustered together on the floor of the shelter. They weren't just dead; they were mutilated to a point of no return. None of the faces were even distinguishable. It was a bloodbath.

As Karma scanned around the room, he could identify several tools: including a bloody hatchet, a rope, shards of glass, a hammer, and a microwave. Karma realized right then and there that these people had been most likely been tortured to death.

As this thought crossed his mind, the spirit felt a painful strike to the back that put him on his knees.


That strength, it was not mortal.

As Karma whipped around to observe his attacker, he saw was that it was none other than Liam, whose body began to melt into black goo, revealing his true form. It called itself a dark spirit, then informed Karma that its name was Cruelty, and that it had found a way to slip out of the Grand Spirit's time prison existing in another plane of existence. He told Karma that they didn't have to fight; that if Karma bowed down and devoted his services to him immediately, that he would be spared.

Of course, Karma declined, knowing his axe had still not had its daily dose of justice yet. Then, with an angry and hateful energy, the spirt summoned his weapon and swung at Cruelty, who effortlessly blocked using a weapon of his own. It was a jagged, black broadsword that had some kind of unidentifiable text engraved onto the blade.

Once Karma made contact, the two began their battle, and a violent exchange of weapons ensued. Karma got cut more times than once. It was the first time in thousands of years he had been hurt like that.

The spirit held his own for quite some time during the fight. Meanwhile, the world around them began to crumble, and soon they were surrounded by a black void. During this time, the two of them continued to duel. Karma swung his axe at the dark spirit at full force and blasted hellish amounts of fire from his fingertips, but Cruelty was too tough to die. The dark spirit was using the dirtiest techniques to try and kill Karma, and for a while, it was working; but once the spirit of justice caught on, he began to do the same.

With all the anger erupting out of him like a volcano, Karma unleashed hell on his enemy, and once all was finished, he burned Cruelty's corpse with endless fire until there was nothing left of him. To the spirit of justice, it was a deserved punishment after all that this evil entity had done.

Once Karma had returned to the Grand Spirit with the news of his mission’s outcome, the supreme being nodded appreciatively. Karma then asked why he hadn't been told of the dark spirits, and why such beings even existed.

"You see, spirits like Cruelty, Hatred, Deception, and Terror," the Grand Spirit explained, "They were accidental by-products of you and all your friends. In a world where goodness exists, many of those who don't get to experience that goodness will always find a way to make sure others don’t either. It's how these things were born."

The Grand Spirit then went on to explain that he trapped the dark spirits in a parallel timeline, and that the only way to ensure that they couldn't cross over to another was to slow the speed of time there indefinitely.

"However, the fact that one escaped is very concerning. I think I have underestimated their intelligence," the Grand Spirit stated softly, "I'll have Curiosity pay them a visit every now and then to ensure that nothing else goes wrong, but until then, be ready for anything else that comes. I may need you."

With these words, Karma left the Grand Spirit to his work, knowing that for once, there were truly dangerous enemies out there.

The spirit was unsure of what to expect at that point, but he was certain that his constant journey for justice would never conclude, no matter what circumstances were to occur.


Alright, so this song is supposed to be the final track on my album, but I actually had another one planned before this.

Basically, I got the idea for the music just recently, and it worked so well as my "big finale" idea, that I couldn't resist making it and labelling it as such.

So, I still have one more track coming for this record, but this one will be listed as the last.

Anyways, it's a sequel to my song "Righteous Evil," so if you haven't heard that one, I encourage you to check it out.

I hope I was able to make this one as epic as possible for you!

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4.65 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2022
3:01 PM EST
Heavy Metal
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7.2 MB
7 min 35 sec

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