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Returning The Eye Of Experirce End Song

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Author Comments

Ok first off, wow I cannot believe I actually finished this. Second off, I plan to explain why I did what I did regarding this album in a separate article.

Anywho after Himmler Jr. died, the Thief and The Woman In Black take a moment to admire Vatican City before looking for the exact place to return the eye. They are met by a Cardinal who is wearing Sunglasses. His reason, he claims it lessens the effect of the Eye so they can handle it more safely. They return the Eye to *********** and as a result, it's influence begins to spread throughout Italy. However because it was finally returned to it's resting place, it's negative effects only affect those it deems wicked.

When asked how the Eye was in Rome in the first place. He explains that in 33 A.D. after Jesus died on the cross, there was a massive Earthquake in Golgatha however in a bit of strangeness, it didn't begin in Golgatha or anywhere in Israel. It started in Rome, when the Eye fell to the Earth. Despite being a small object, it's impact caused a shockwave that ended in Golgatha being broken. He theorized that God didn't want to experience anything anymore, after watching his son die. Although the Eye is still connected to him. When the Thief asks how he knows so much about it. He says "Simple. God told me. And if you believe that one, here's another one. I dug up that Eye."

Both look at them in shock, as they know his reputation as a well known archaeologist. He applied to priest hood after his own experience with the Eye, hoping to find more answers regarding it. Due to his knowledge they recruited him to guard it's resting place. The Woman in Black asks how come he nor they succumb to the madness of Bad Experiences. To which he says the following:

"Well there are many reasons. Some people, unique people have an immunity to it, we nicknamed them God's children. Other times it depends on the circumstances of your sins. Contrary to popular belief even with Murder, all sins can be forgiven, not just through Absolution, but if the sin was with in reason. For example, Thou Shalt Not Steal, God doesn't punish the hungry or the desperate. Only those that profit off it. Though sometimes, very rarely, if someone from unexpected circumstances performed an act of self sacrifice, the man himself will step in and protect you. You both were willing to die for the Eye. That would have been enough. But you sir, you sacrificed yourself out of love. To protect someone you care about. And while you deny it, you were naturally curious about the Eye, rather than how much money you can make off it."

The Thief was shocked. He knew him so well, that it was almost uncanny. When it was time to go, The Thief didn't budge. The Woman In Black, was confused. He turned to the Cardinal and said "No bullshit, I know they are still around, but you don't have to say it out loud. I wish to formally join The Knight Templars so I can protect this Eye with all my strength." The Cardinal looks at him for a moment and nods. "Come back tomorrow." he says. I will put a word in with Francis. Her too. She has no choice in the matter unlike you. Her bloodline is important to us and you proven yourself a worthy protector already. Her combative skills are extraordinary, so that's not the reason why."

The Thief was dumbfounded. He knew she came from an important bloodline, but for her to be valued as much as they valued Go- "No." he says. "It can't be. This has gotta be a joke or a dream or I really died from the Eye and this is Hell. There is no way in Hell this is for real. It's like something out of a bad story. Out of all the women I have fought, fucked and had other personal relationships, I happen to be currently romancing one of the last descendants of Jesus Christ?!" "Not so loud." The Cardinal says "You haven't been initiated yet so it's classified." The Thief looks at the Cardinal and back to her before taking out his sword and kneeling in pure templar fashion. "Lady Christ." He said. "From here on until the day I die, I promise to protect you with all my might. I will put all of my mind, body and soul into every plan of attack. Every contingency. As God as my literal witness, none of your enemies even within the walls of the Vatican are safe from me." "Amen to that." The Cardinal says. All she could do is laugh. Saying "You don't have to be formal around me. Just treat me no different than you treated me when we met." To show how serious she was, she kissed him on the lips. He nearly faints. It was like no kiss he's ever experienced in his life.

All three then make their way, to start their new life, service and missions from God. The last sound heard. The Eye's bell. Reminding us, that he's watching.


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this is epic woah.


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4.94 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2022
11:47 PM EST
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22.2 MB
17 min 51 sec
  • FL Studio
  • MuseScore 2

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