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The Pervert 2 - Woman into sextoy/ Woman dick growth

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Author Comments

Taylor and Veronica are back, this time as they try to undo the magical nipple ring curse. It... doesn't go as planned.

Includes female inanimate tf, turning into a rubbery onahole sextoy and female cock growth!

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Fade-in: dorm interior with quiet ambience and lo-fi music in background

*Frantic knocking*

T: Yeah, holy shit... hold on, I'm coming!

*Frantic knocking continues until door is opened*

T: Dude! What the f-

V: (panting from running)I got it!

*barging in, she plops a heavy book on the bed*

T: (exasperated) Got what?! ...Why are you so sweaty?

V: The library alarm went nuts when I got outside, they must’ve chipped it.

T: Wait, the university library? You could have just checked it out.

V: No can do, I got banned from stealing too many books.

T: Again… why?

V: Too many questions. I finally found the spell.


V: (excited, almost manic) SHH! Just listen! The curse that made me have these wish-granting nipple-rings! I found a counterspell inside this tome.

T: Hey, that's great… oh man, this thing is barely holding together. So why are you bringing it to me? I thought you didn’t want to see me again after… last time.

V: I was pretty upset with you.

T: Yes. You threw things at me when you got your arms back.

V: It was warranted, you turned me into giant sentient tits.

T: Not arguing, but you didn’t answer my question.

V: I… I can’t work this all out on my own and nobody else knows about... them

T: I’ll help you fix your boobs.

V: Really?!

T: Yeah? You sound surprised.

V: I- well you really enjoyed what happened to me. I assumed you would want me to keep them.

T: ...Show me what you’ve got so far.

*Fade out*

*Fade in, dorm interior with nighttime ambience*

T: Okay… so I think we got it all squared away? This should transfer the curse to a different object and as long as we don’t touch it during the spell, we won’t be affected. Right?

V: Seems so? Google translate did the best it could on this funky latin

T: Are you sure about this?

V: Yes. I am never getting anything pierced ever again.

T: Just stay away from evil mall wizards.

V: yeah… ok, got the circle made. We just gotta touch it to activate the-



V: Augh!

T: You okay?!

V: Y-yeah, that was just way more intense than I thought it would be.

T: Did it work?

V: I mean… there’s only one way to find out.

T: I don't know, what if something weird happens again?

V: Well, we know I’ll change back in the morning, at least.

T: Okay.

*Veronica unbuttons her blouse and frees her breasts*

T: Here goes…

V: Don’t think of anything weird!

T: Why would you say that?!

V: What? Oh shit- *moans*

*Veronica moans as she feels the telltale electric rush through her chest*

T: Because it made me immediately think of something!

V: I only caught a glimpse in my mind, what even was that?

T: UGH… you’re gonna… I read some hentai earlier and this knight, a girl, turned into an onahole- a sextoy. It was super hot… It's still fresh in my mind.

V: Why are you such a perv?!

T: You said you didn’t want to see me again! How was I supposed to know you’d barge in with a fake spellbook?!

V: God dammit… Well, you’re right. It didn’t work. I felt the magic in the rings… I can still feel it.

T: Can… Can you describe it as it happens?

V: Ughh. fine, but you have to promise me something. And you CAN'T. TELL. ANYONE.

T: Anything.

V: You have to… you have to, like, fulfill the kink, like last time. Everything in my body needed the exact thing you imagined. If this is anything like then, you can’t just leave and come back in the morning.

T: Are you sure..?

V: *siiiigh* yes. I’m not gonna lie to you. It felt… really good… Why are you looking at me like that?

T: You’re shrinking.

V: I am?! Oh whoa… that's not the only thing! What’s happening to my arms and legs?!

T: Onahole’s dont have them.

V: They’re sinking into me… this is crazy, so i'll be just a fuckable torso thing?

T: (slightly embarrassed) ...yes.

V: You’re weird! (laughing) Oh! I can’t see!

T: You shrunk into your clothes, lemme help you out.

V: (as she is lifted and moved to the bed) Whoaa... Oh man, the bed is huge like this… You're huge! I can barely move anymore, what else is happening?

T: (in awe) Your skin is turning purple and translucent.

V: Did you take a picture of me when I was boobs?

T: Uhh… maybe?

V: Please. Take one of me like this too. I wanna see when I turn back.

V: Well? What are you waiting for?! I’m a sexy, rubbery fucktoy right?

T: Y-yeah!

V: Come on then, Taylor! I want you to do whatever you want… my ass and my pussy feel so hot and tingly… my whole body is aching to be filled…

T: Fuck, Veronica. You’re really getting into this...

V: The rubber...It's hitting my face… Holy shit this is so weirdly hot... I can barely…talk... *glk* *ulp*

*Veronica completely turns to rubber*

T: Veronica? Yep, she is… totally changed. This is amazing. Her face is so lewd too. I’ll snap a quick photo aaand… wait. What is-

*Taylor feels something hot throbbing inside her and pushing out from her pussy*

T: What the fuck is ha-happening… it's pushing out… so.. Hot… (straining moans) ugh UGH! (relieved heavy moan) AUGH!

*A wet squelch dribbles as Taylor gazes down at her new cock*

T: (nervous stammer turns into a hearty, lewd chuckle) Haha.. Holy fuck! Great… big... Throbbing… meat!

T: I... will need to figure out why I have this monster, but first, I have a toy to break in!

*wet shlurp with each heavy thrust*

T: (Grunting to the rhythm) Fuck… yes... oh my god... holy shit.., its building… tight… am i gonna cum, it's so diff- Oh FuuuuUUuuck!!

*Taylor pants as she finishes shooting her load into Veronica*

T: The curse... it's gotta be affecting me too now. Stupid spellbook. I’m gonna be up all night filling this toy with so much cum… thank FUCK today is Saturday…

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What the hell this is so hot. Also I love the humor. These voice actors are excellent btw.

Credits & Info

3.80 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2022
2:03 PM EST
File Info
6.9 MB
7 min 30 sec

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