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AmazonBod 3 - Absorption Vore FMG

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Author Comments

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*Gym ambience, quiet and late*

*Sound of lifting weights Areli's exertion, quiet grunts with each rep*

A: and… good.

*Sets down weights with satisfied sigh*

A: Whew… as long as I focus, I can pretty much ignore the hunger.

V: Hey...

(Short pause before you notice him)

A:... Oh, hey

V: I noticed your form and uh, you got some pretty nice tone on those muscles, girl.

(Masking her annoyance)

A: Yeah? You too.

V: yeah, so, uh. Haven't seen you around here before.

A: Just started coming nights the other day. Usually pretty quiet.

V: Oh! Sorry, if you think I'm bugging you, just usually don't see many actually strong girls like you around, usually just skinny gym bunnies posing for Instagram. I'm Collin.

A: *small belly gurgle* Tell me something, Collin.

V: Hm?

A: You wanna see these muscles more up close?

V: *chuckling in debrief* hell yeah I do!

A: good, cuz I'm famished from my workout and need a little snack.

(Small time skip)

(Fade in- walking into empty locker room shower area)

V: Nobody is gonna freak out I'm in here, right?

A: There weren't any other women here, but just in case… *locks the door*

V: Alright, so how do you like to do things, I was thinking-

A: You sit *pushes him down* there… and you watch, for now.

(Areli makes small satisfied grunts and she flexes and shows off her impressive body)

V: Fuck girl, your thighs are insane. How long did it take you to get that definition?

A: (grunting slightly, still showing off while speaking) just a few minutes. Had a girl a few apartments down who helped out a lot…

V: Well, whatever you did, it's impressive. Especially your traps and lats. Your friend help you with those too?

A: (soft quickened breaths from exertion)A bit, though I think I just did my regular workouts with a bit of extra protein to get em started… Speaking of, all this showing off is getting me pretty hungry.

V: I could get us some shakes or something-

A: (close to his ear, soft chuckle) No no, I already got my snack right here.

V: what? What's going on... I feel so… so weak

A: Intimidated by my strength? You don't even have to touch me to sense how powerful I am, and I still want more. My muscles are so hungry...

V: Did you… drug me? What's happening to me?

A: You got a good body, Collin. In another life, I'd be all over you in a heartbeat, but here… now… you're going to be part of my glorious physique.

V: part… of..?

A: Touch my body… anywhere you like. Muscles like steel cord and warm stone. Full and rippling beneath supple feminine curves. It's a balance my peculiar ability seems to always make sure and compliment.

V: I… want to…

A: (chuckling) Who wouldn't? I'm a goddess. Everyone not part of my body should be worshipping me. Come… join with me…

V: Th- thank you… oh god… it's so tight… I'm melting into you… uuugh… please use me… let me make you… even more… glorious…

A: (moaning in climax) oh yes!

(Muscles stretch and flex, growing and rippling as she grows taller and bigger)

A: It's so good… Collin, you didn't disappoint… I might just be the greatest in the world now. So big… so strong… and my skin looks like polished bronze!

A: *satisfied sigh into a laugh* I almost don't even fit inside this puny gym. Sheesh, what am I even going to wear anymore? I'm like 9 ft tall and 250, maybe 300 pounds of pure muscle? Do I even have a limit?

A: Can I just… keep going? Fuck I'm so horny… who could even satisfy me? I'm a pelvis-smashing Amazon and I doubt any mortal could withstand my power!

A: ...and now I'm talking like Wonder woman.


A: First things first… I need like 8 thousand calories… ugh, what's even open this late? Is there a waffle house around here?

(Heavy footsteps fade out)

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2022
1:19 PM EST
File Info
7.4 MB
6 min 29 sec

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