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Full Throttle Stud

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also, just for Mindchamber... here's the fucking lyrics:

full throttle itallian stud
oh my fucking god are you kiddin me bud?
talking pen 15 when you only got 2
you've never even seen a real life boob

but you're a full throttle itallian stud
oh my fucking god are you kiddin me bud?
your image is a joke what the fuck are you thinkin
you should probably stay away from that shit you're drinking

yoink, you goofy lookin' dumb bastard
your the stupid shit who went and plastered
your idiotic rap all over the place
you're a full throttle fag, a human waste
are you really surprised you got parodied?
you really think you got what it takes to battle me?
so I'm immature, who really gives a fuck
cuz my face don't look like it was hit by a truck

when my kids are out of line, sure I smack em around
yeah it keeps them out of trouble and their health is sound
now maybe you wouldn't be such a joke
if you got a solid beating from one of your folks
but they don't love you all freaky and distorted
you momma's one regret was that you weren't aborted
she probably goes to bed and cries every night
your neck is the reason her vagina isn't tight

now your shooting your mouth off over my free time
when all your Newgrounds stats are so much higher than mine
it's obvious to anyone you got no life
you lubing up your palm and I'm out banging my wife
you're telling everybody that I can't rap
as if I give a motherfucking crap
I don't care if I'm good, hell I think rap sucks
I'm just making fun of all you wigger fucks

maybe I don't have very much skill on the mic
but at least I get my mother fucking rhytms right
your'e all over the place, so stop it please
you flow like a bitch with parkinson's disease
you honestly think you'll ever get signed?
you're gonna end up flippin burgers for dimes
with your pubescent voice that squeeks and whines
you sound like a muppet with your lame ass rhymes

you think you got any skills when you flow?
I saw you on youtube, you suck kid, you choked
sitting with your goofy ass hat on your head
vanilla ice would roll in his grave if he were dead
everyone I know thinks that you are a joke
a waste of skin, a life without hope
a long necked freak with a deformed nose
and a floppy top lip that scares away hoes

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I wish i knew the full story behind this (although this song is a clear summary). I don't listen to rap, so i can't really comment on your lyrics or flow. However, i can comment (even though i kinda came after the whole "Don't beat your kids" thing) on "... a good solid beating" ...with previous experience. I get the frustration with the "new" generation, but this seems very harsh (even if there is a really good reason behind it).

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Dec 7, 2007
4:20 PM EST
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