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Space Foot | The Complete OST - 2010

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Author Comments

"You shall not pass!"

1. Arcade Rag | 0:00

2. Main Rag | 1:19

3. World Two Rag | 2:25

4. World Three Rag | 3:18

5. Game Over Rag | 4:08

6. Boss Madness | 5:16

7. Captain General Fathead (First Form) | 6:18

8. Captain General Fathead (Final Form) | 7:27

9. Captain General Fathead (Final Form - Version 2) | 8:38

10. Strange Rag | 10:48

11. Victory I | 11:40

12. Victory I (Version 2) | 11:45

13. Space Foot Staff Roll | 11:50

14. Arcade Rag (Version 2) | 13:24

Media doesn't get much loster than 2010's "Space Foot." It was one of the first ever video games I made, but sadly the game has become lost to history. Very little artwork and the original soundtrack are all that have survived. It stands as another stark reason why the preservation of data is so important to me. I'd pay any amount of money I had to have this game back, even though it was objectively the worst game of all time. Still, I miss it. The soundtrack is pretty horrendo, but I want to have as much as my music as possible on my channel so people can listen and as a backup in case of files being corrupted or lost.

As for the game itself, it was made in early 2010 with Game Maker 7. I had made a few games prior, but this was the first "big one." It was a longer, more complete game. It's a "soccer" game set in space. You play as a character named Player #8 as he tries to kick as many soccer balls into the goal as possible without hitting the CPU players. Here's an image taken from Space Foot II to give you an idea of what the game looked like.


It's really a timing-based game. You can only move left or right, but you have an infinite number of balls to kick. Kick enough balls into the goal and you progress to the next level. Each level came with its own unique obstacles, like wind, asteroids, rain, and more. Every now and then you encounter a boss battle where there rules are flipped and you must kick soccer balls into them to damage them. Not very soccer-like.

Here's one such boss, Bill Cottard. Most of the bosses were giant disembodied heads.


And who could forget Space Captain Volcano Head


And the BIG BAD himself, Captain General Fathead, the final boss. Sadly, I don't have images of his other forms. Also, there were two other bosses I have no images for, nor much recollection of what they looked like.


Lastly, here is the original logo in all its glory, along with its remastered counterpart.



That's basically all I can recall of the game. I hate that it's lost, but at least some of it has survived. Anyways, thank you for listening. I hope you enjoyed the perhaps less-than-stellar soundtrack and my ramble down memory lane. Have a wonderful today and a lovely tomorrow~

More CaptainGeneralFathead

YouTube ►️ https://www.youtube.com/c/squirrelcountry

Original Music ►️ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd8j5AXoPs_peW1lfcsX6IA

Twitter ►️ https://twitter.com/SquirrelButton

New Grounds ►️ https://bertn1991.newgrounds.com/

DeviantArt ►️ http://yonderho.deviantart.com/

DTube ►️ https://d.tube/#!/c/squirrelcountry91

- 1991

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Is this the game? Although it says Space Foot 2... so maybe no


I don't know what the first one would be like, but I just tried Space Foot 2 and I think it's very original. Take care.

Bertn1991 responds:

Indeed, it's Space Foot 2. I don't think I ever posted the original anywhere. I appreciate you looking around for it and checking out its sequel, though. Aside from spelling errors and bad artword, it's mechanically not terrible. The original game was much worse >.<

And thanks for checking out the OST of course~

Awww sad to hear about that. I hate it when I lose my art stuff too...Some really creative melodies and I'm impressed with the compositional skill all throughout. Odd choice to go all piano, then again, if this was like a black and white ye olden times thing game, it'd be really dope. Captain General Fathead (Final Form) version 2 is my favorite, great dynamics and those low keys really slap. Nice work!
LOL Track 11...that is EarthWorm Jim shit there.
Edit 2, Arcade Rag is really well made too. How did you come up with these tunes? Just blew me away there lol.

Bertn1991 responds:

Much appreciated as always. Yeah, losing files is always rough. I don't get viruses that often, but in 2017 I got hit with ransomware that corrupted most of my stuff. I had backups of a lot of it, but not all. Big oof.

Honestly, I have no idea why the soundtrack is all piano. I had Game Maker directly play the MIDI files, but I believe general MIDI has 127 instruments to choose from. Who knows. I made the soundtrack with Noteworthy Composer and it comes bundled with a bunch of demo tracks, and some of them were from Scott Joplin (the ragtime guy!), so I took a lot of inspiration from those songs.

Thanks for listening. You #1 :D

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4.64 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2021
4:05 PM EDT
Video Game
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33.4 MB
14 min 35 sec

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