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AIM - Operation Fleshhunter


Author Comments

My entry for AIM2021 this year - Operation Fleshhunter.

I've been very limited in time for being able to do two full AIM tracks on time, so I've decided to finish this one off first (to the extent of getting this condensed down to under 5 minutes in concept) and do my other one outside of the AIM contest to perhaps finish off over the next 1-2 weeks. Due to time-constraints, I've had to cut vocals out of this entry and there's some small processing errors which i've done my best to hide.

Piece was influenced around 'Doomcommand' (artpiece below), the artpiece made by Kamikaye, who can be found here: 

Artist Link: https://kamikaye.newgrounds.com

Art Link: https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/kamikaye/doomcommand


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This slaps! So many cool decisions on post to boot. Captured the image perfectly. Usually the guitar gets sacrificed a bit in tunes like this, but you managed to have it meld perfectly with the synths.

Im in love with your detuned synths. I like the vocal effects.

LD-W responds:

If I can slip any of my designed virus-esq patches into a project, I'll always take the chance to ;)

Too hell-bent to be made from a human ;)
I didn't know I needed guitars with your style but it fits so well

LD-W responds:

I've found working with guitars (in both a lib sense, or plugging one straight into interface and just doing basic riff work) naturally much easier from a compositional sense, although it's more of a challenge design-wise to get a *really good* tone out of it and does require some pretty hefty, usually expensive processing chains to really get it how I want it to. Mostly because I grew up on a metal background and that's something I've been familiar with far longer than my interests in Industrial and Cinematic-type genres. A project like this is pretty easy for me in a more Gordon-ish DOOM sense (without trying to have it sounding like a copycat either), as alot of the effort is in design and mix before anything else!

It's not big news at the moment, but I am working on a Black Metal solo-project over the next year or so (something I've always wanted to do, and I'm now in the confident position to pull it off). I'll reveal more about it soon ;)

such a banger i love the intensity

I fucking love this, the dark and heavy atmosphere, and the heavy metal, combined with acid bass, spooky melody, it is very fitting to the art
another point for the screaming, the art looks like some sort of experiment, and a man was used as a rat for it, he was in REAL pain to scream like that lmao
just gotta mention the cyberpunk guitar at the 2nd break, the variety of heavy drums and percussions, the cinematic outro,... THIS TRACK!

LD-W responds:

Heya, thanks for checking out the track and for the high praise!

If you're interested in knowing how I've done certain parts:

- The Acid Bass was one I designed in LuSH-101 (SH-101 emulation), there's a few acid-like timbre's which go well with the 101-modeled behavior. If you do have the synth, feel free to DM me anytime and I can send you the patch

- The Guitar Processing chain is pretty long and not everything will be listed here, but the basics of it goes like: bx_console_n (Neve VXS emulation with TMT) --> Audio Assault Hellbeast (Randall Thrasher/Satan Amphead Emulation, with Brit Cone Edge Cab IR's) --> iZotope Trash 2 (very low wet %, about 5-10% tops) --> Millenia NSEQ2 (Vacuum Tube Rack EQ emulation with JFET Signal Path) --> SPL IRON (IRON Hardware compressor emulation with TMT) --> Noveltech Character (Algorithmic Auto-Improver set to Mode 3 and set to Target Value 60) --> Waves DeEsser (to trim off gently anything above 13Khz) --> Eventide UltraReverb (for usual reverb duties). The Chorus/Solo Guitar had Trash2 removed, the gain on Hellbeast reduced and Syntorus added before the reverb in the chain on a BBQ-Deep Swirl.

- Drums were mainly done off of a mixture of Ludwig, DW and Sabian kit pieces in Superior Drummer and some of the SDX's

- Alot of the other percussion such as the Frame Drums were from 8DIO New Epic Frame Drum Ensemble. The marching band snare was from SoundIron High School Drum Corps. The much more mechanical-sounding elements were another mix-match between different SFX libraries which I've purchased over the years, mostly the kind which are designed for movies and games in mind, but work situational well for music aswell (the licensing doesn't restrict me in what I use it in of course)

- The chopped screams were a mix-match of different sources. Some of them come from prosoundeffects (I grabbed them years ago when I had some sample credits to spend) and a mixture of groans, drones and other screams from 8DIO Eternal Darkness.

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Jun 22, 2021
2:43 AM EDT
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