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AIM - Tranquility

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Author Comments

Song inspired is Space Garden by Charkked

Please Feel free to check out his stuff and give him some support!


Space has always been an enjoyable atmosphere to try to emulate in my music. However for this project I've gone in a slightly different approach with my style choice. The cartoonistic style with other cues thrown in this picture like the robot and the Gameboy style life support created a sense of nostalgia that I thought would be best brought out using simpler synth waves. With that I also wanted to mix in some more organic elements like strings and acoustic drums to help represent the purity of space as a whole along with the fact that what's pictured is a floating garden in space

0:00-0:40 Introduction of the protagonist waking up and performing her daily (heh) routine. Maybe there's a music number happening with the kitchen appliances or something while she's getting her day organized.

0:40-1:18 She swings the door open from the house. The scene is silent but only for a brief moment while she breath in her small pod of fresh air, and with it comes motivation and joy for the work ahead for the work ahead. It's not much but she wouldn't have it any other way

1:18-2:06 The hustle and bustle is well under way now. The robot gives quippy one liners and fun chit chat, the flowers dance from side to side and everything is in time with the beat of the day. Everything is done like a well oiled machine and joins in on this happy occasion of just another Tuesday (if time is relevant anyway).

2:06-3:08 Tranquility. She takes a break and becomes overcome with the scene outside the pod and a reminder of where she is in the galaxy. Her eyes soak up the light coming from all the stars that have nothing but their own light to hide behind. The pod drifts by a planet in its large display of colors and majesty, and she can't help but feel warm feelings of being apart of this moment. She can identify the constellations that she grew up with and they bring reminders of her childhood, and remind her about how all she wanted to do is fly up to meet them in their home.

3:08-end This is what she's living for, and she gets more excited and passionate about the opportunity for caring for her little space garden. No cares of the life she left behind are their to stop from tending to her flowers trees and small cozy house. With this reenergized spirit she frolics around with the rest of her chores, and can't help but feel at home in the middle of nowhere. Her list comes to the end and finds that her energy has been spent on enjoying her time and tending her abode. The end of a perfect day in the perfect setting

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I have almost only praise for this song; the sound design is incredible, and at times it makes the simplest musical ideas feel fresh and complicated yet easy to listen to many times. However, it's a bit difficult to express what I feel is the main aspect to improve on. From a high level, the structure and melodies are good, but they could be great. I think there is a level of minimalism in the structure and design that is holding the piece back from being its full potential --a kind of very subtle same-y-ness feeling that covers the piece. This feeling might also be a byproduct of dissonance between the sound design and your choice of melodic structures. Hopefully these ramblings helped, and that you might have more insight into the song than me!

Absolutely lovely!

The chiptune works so well with conveying both the spacey atmosphere while creating a sense of comfort. It's an entry I really enjoy listening to, laying back and being immersed in the journey, and I think it nails the concept of the artwork and its style on the head.

The various sections of this piece are fantastic and I love the ideas that are explored in each of them. I do get the sense of a certain progression in the musical narrative, and I think the order in which the sections follow each other makes sense.

What I would have loved to hear more of, however, are the ways in which these sections connect with one another. For me, the biggest issue I have with this piece is that it feels too "sectional". Often times, the end of a section and the start of a new one would come across as forced. One example I can think of is at the start, where the piece seems to be building momentum off the repeating melody, and that momentum just suddenly stops when the chiptune is abruptly cut off at 0:41 and replaced with the strings. Maybe it makes sense in the Author Comments, but I think when listening to the piece on its own, that's one instance that takes me out of the track's overarching mood and narrative.

2:07 is the other transition that comes across as abrupt, though this one at least has that sweep that allows it to work a bit better (though the differences in the two volumes feel a bit too drastic). It doesn't help that the way these two examples transition are very similar to each other, and I believe that this is part of what makes them feel like transitions made solely out of obligation. It just feels like a stark contrast to the composition in the sections themselves, which flow more naturally.

My favourite section was the one starting at 0:48 with the syncopated chords and the alternating square notes. It was such a great buildup, especially with the way those chords get filtered in and the variation on the main melody tying it all together. I am curious if the "whoop" vocal sound effects are also supposed to represent the "purity of space" like the acoustic drums and strings are. To me, those sounds also seemed out of place with the rest of the sound design, but they don't appear super often and didn't bother me as much.

Overall, this piece has terrific composition, and that and the chiptune mixed with the strings helped to connect it more with the artwork inspiration. With more organic transitions and development through each of its wonderful sections, it would be a comforting musical masterpiece.

Spadezer responds:

Glad to hear you really enjoyed it. I can see what you mean though. I probably got used to it after listening to the song 100+ times, but I really didn't have thought out plan for how I wanted to fit the piece to the art. I just kinda wrote and then forced sections together. Usually I've felt like I could do transitions but maybe I was dealing with a lack of good motivational work flow or something lol. It's always interesting finding out which sections people take as their favorites, and it's nice to get a thorough review again. Thank you

You nailed the happy space vibes. I feel much happier after listening to this.

Definitley goes with the pic!

This is an adorable track. Love the little chapters, each bit fits really well with the piece and your imagining of it.

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4.70 / 5.00

Jun 12, 2021
2:12 PM EDT
Video Game
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